The multi-faceted: The writer

“A great story is just too complex to pour out of your head as a fully nuanced whole without consideration, after the discovery of the story, of the mix.”

Check out this lovely post from Storyfix: Your Story: It’s All In The Mix

And, because it’s today, I am going to add my expression of sadness at the passing of Monkee, Davey Jones. I grew up playing music on a HMV 45 turntable, and we had a few Monkees singles that I loved to play and sing and dance to. “Steppin’ Stone” was a favourite of mine (I’ve always been partial to b-sides over singles) …

So, I’ve been quiet on here, again. Well, I have been writing my story, and planning my short story due in two weeks (eep!), and reviewing other people’s stories (first/revised drafts, and they have reviewed mine in kind, and wow, it’s been good) … Oh, and all the while I’ve been working, and entertaining, feeding, changing, blah blah, my toddler … and whatever else I do all day … What do I do all day? Honestly, half the time I forget. Right, back to it.

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    • Well, if we’re talking “time”, I guess mine should be the ’90s. But, half the good artists from then didn’t make it out of the ’90s in the first place … bummer.

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