If I could write 1% per day …

… I’d be finished my “first draft” in 100 days. That wouldn’t be too shabby. Especially since a large chunk of what I have actually counts as a re-write, so I’m a step or two closer to finished than first draft, really. That would be cool. Shame it doesn’t work that way.

And, that’s all I have to say on that. So, for a little comic relief, let’s study the changing Give Way rules (yes, here in NZ we have observed right-hand turners go before left-hand turners forever – and we’re a left hand side of the road country … so do whatever you’ve got to do to realize that we’ve been doing it different to pretty much everyone). I rather enjoyed this: WEST AUCKLAND GIVE WAY RULES FROM THIS WEEKEND, including rules such as “Holden will never give way to Ford, and vice versa, leading to collisions whenever they meet.” and “Ford Capri claims classic status but Holden Ute gains right of way because the Capri has been painted pink….and it’s a Ford.” – but it’s the pictures that really make it, so go check it out.

(apologies for the version of this post that went out in email. I somehow managed to delete part of the middle of the post … weird.)