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Progress Report & Lessons Learned

Today I made progress on Chapter 2. Not a lot, and I can’t tell you an exact word count as I did a lot of copying and pasting between versions. I’m having a little bit of an issue changing a few details in my story, which is affecting some key scenes – particularly in Chapter 2. So, having a bit of a headache.

Lesson learned:

Plan plot and time period setting before writing too much.

However, this is my first novel attempt, and when I first started it was just meant to be a way to spend time while I was working a job that failed to keep me occupied full time. So, when I began writing I had no intention of anything of this scale (Lesson #2: Writing is addictive). Now that things have really started to solidify I need to just rewrite the whole thing… but it is natural to get attached to a few scenes. So, I am attached. However, if I can’t get it to work, I can be ruthless… I used to be attached to my opening line. But that has now gone. Cut.