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Voting is OPEN!

Voting for the AMP Do Your Thing Scholarship 2011 People’s Choice Award is now open. Please vote for me, so I can get a computer capable of dealing with pretty pictures for this website!

Go here, click on the little vote button above the picture and fill in your name and email. It’s that easy!

I appreciate it! Ta!


No writing done tonight. Too distracted. Some editing done, though – mostly to Chapter 7 (typos, better word selection, etc).

Daily word count today: 895

Total word count: 39,569! (I wish my Masters dissertation had been this much fun to write… I might have finished it, sick or not).

Still working…

… on Chapter 10. It’s an entirely brand new chapter – the last two were largely able to be brought forward from my old work. I have written about 1100 words today in stops and starts. So, I have already binned about 500 words with the intention of having another go at them tonight. It was a scene with a fairly intense bit of conversation/action and I think that sort of stuff flows better when I just sit down and get it out, rather than write a bit, get distracted, write a bit more, get distracted again… I mean, I can do a bit of editing like that, but if I want a scene to flow, I have to let it flow when I write it.

So, I would like to be able to add a like box to my Facebook page and possibly use my Amazon Affiliation. So, I think I might be going to look at moving this blog to another host. Something I will ponder. No hurry, and the actual writing is way more important than this.

I put this here when I didn’t have a paid WDC membership (thank you Anonymous for my current 3 months… and the last) and I wanted to share it with a particular person who was interested in keeping up with my progress. And then the AMP Do Your Thing thing came along and I realized that this is of some value to showcase what I’m working on for that purpose. As an added bonus, I just might manage to pick myself up a keen proof-reader or two.

Anyway, let’s see if I can make these 500 words up now that the baby is in bed & hubby is busy with some after hours work…


… words written today.

Some minor editing of Chapter 9 done. And a decent bit of work managed on Chapter 10 despite a busy day in the non-writing realms. Easily on task to achieving my goal of a chapter per week. I wonder if I should up that to two chapters a week. However, there are other writing tasks I should do – reviewing other people’s writing and entering competitions on writing.com – I have been invited to enter the next round of “So bad, it’s good”. Not totally sure if that is a type of writing I want to practice, but I guess it is good to be well versed in what NOT to do!

Off to bed to let my sub-conscious play around with my plot (writing really is a 24/7 gig, no matter what else you might be doing).

Tomorrow is another day.

Chapter Eight

… the Chapter with one of those scenes we just love to read. Especially us women.

Don’t forget, comments are always welcome! My goal here is to make this story the best I can. It is a first draft, so I hope for some leniency, but constructive criticism is extremely valuable. I’ll acknowledge everyone who comments! (Although, if something strange happens, and heaps of people comment before this gets published, then it may have to be a group acknowledgement).

So, up to this point, I think I have established my characters’ relationships, and I have introduced my antagonist and given a hint of what he might be capable of, as well as his limitations. Very soon I will delve into the real meat of the story. That’s right, there is more to come!

Chapter 6 goes public

Yes indeed. Chapter 7 is progressing nicely, so here is Chapter 6 for you. Chapter 7 will be another day or two, and then Chapter 8 shouldn’t be far off – a good deal of it having been written a while ago.