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Daily Progress Log

So, it doesn’t look as though Chapter 14 will be finished this week. Here are my numbers for the week: 22, 30, 0, -412 & 115 (the last being today, so you never know, it might change!). Why? Because I self-edit as I go. I move forth to write something and some other part of my brain says “Stop! No, not good enough”, and I have to either delete what I’ve put or, if I’m lucky, I just continue to look at a blank screen… actually, a screen with my previous writing efforts. Sure, I let a certain standard slide, because I know that I will go back for the real editing later. But if it’s something in the bones of the story then it can’t go down. So, that is why so slow. I guess my Llewella-Braph chemistry just isn’t flowing as naturally as I would like. And then there is the other matter… but I’ll leave you to read that when I finally put it out there.

Going backwards

Yep, I have deleted more words than I have added today. Down by 412 at the moment. Leaving my total word count at 55,282.

So, in the face of my struggle to move forwards (apologies to my readers who might actually be interested in what’s coming up) I have tightened up Chapter One. It progresses towards something that would be worthy of showing a publisher, I feel. Now to get the rest of it looking like that! But first, to finish it!

Gah! Listening to my husband and dad’s band practice downstairs. Just before I became pregnant in 2008, I had taken up learning the bass guitar. Now, when I do things, I don’t tend to do them by halves. So, I wanted to learn the more complicated bass-lines. Of course, one has to crawl, then walk, then run, but still, I tried. My dad played/plays a lot of The Shadows songs with his band, so I was learning a few of their songs. I can’t even remember the name of the song right now, but I just listened to the band practicing one of the songs I had been learning… nothing makes me want to pick up my bass guitar again more! Listening to the current bass player (granted, he always wanted to play rhythm guitar instead, but someone had to play bass… and dad is a very good lead guitarist) and he doesn’t play all the little runs that make a tune fun! No wonder he doesn’t enjoy playing bass! I liked it. I liked the idea that maybe one day I could play the bass so well that I could make it sing like a lead (always had a thing for the underdog). Must get back into it… Along with my writing, illustration and, oh yeah, that whole being-a-mummy-thing.

Slow progress

have stalled a little in my writing progress. One reason is that the last two days have been quite busy in non-writing ways. But, the main reason is that the scene I am currently up to isn’t working as I had planned it to. So, I am having to have a really big rethink. I don’t want to change events leading up to it, and I still need the rest of the story to go to plan, so a-pondering I shall go…


That’s today’s word count so far. Putting Chapter 14 at 1,092 (I did some editing).

Overall total: 55,626

I’m feeling good about this pace. It sets me up to have a completed first draft of approximately 80,000 words (a good length for a first novel, apparently) by mid-August, but hopefully the end of July. That is the kind of timetable I have set myself. All going well, I will achieve it. Whoop!


1,526 words added yesterday. I’m pleased with that effort. That puts my current total at 54,080 (I have written a wee few more today). It’s only about halfway done, but at least that is halfway! I’m getting there. Plus, I am confident that I will keep a decent chunk of the words I wrote yesterday because, in my opinion, they were pretty good. Anyway, rolling on… oh, and Vote for me! Ta (o:

891 words…

… so far today. Might get a few more done, but fading here.

Chapter 13 total: 2,005

Total: 52,472

I am pleased to say that the first half of chapter 13 is about the most exciting lot of new writing I have done. I thought so, anyway, so I hope it reads well. Only two more days of the week left. If I can maintain this pace I should have it up by the end of the weekend. Hopefully on the earlier side. I do want to get this thing done!

Seriously, I can see that at a chapter per week I should be able to finish this by about mid-August. Possibly even end of July. Then it would be put-down time for a couple of weeks. Then I should print it in hard copy and get reading !! (with my mighty RED PEN.) I may even see if I can pass it around a couple of keen people about then. And then it will be edit, edit, edit time! And then…. Well, that is the bit I have to ponder. I could look for an agent etc etc. But, I must admit to being a little bit keen to go the independent publishing route. Can still find an agent from there. But, as an unknown, I face a real uphill battle to get noticed by an agent. However, if I can get the story out there, and pick up a few keen readers who tell OTHER people about it so that my readership grows, then maybe, just maybe, an agent might get interested… or, I might find I don’t need one. I don’t know. I’m not there, yet, so I have no idea. I do think that if I were to be a full-time writer and agent would be useful, because they can do some of the stuff that takes time away from actually writing. But, that might be getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I have successfully filled in a great deal of time with NOT writing my story. I guess I will have to get back to it tomorrow!


And remember!!

20/06/2011 Progress

Yep, that’s how we write dates here in NZ. And I celebrate the fact that we go from smallest to largest (measure of time), so there.

216 words today. Not super productive in writing terms. But, I did a part-time job that earns a little money, I put up a few more posts on my other blog (which is cool if you are interested in music), and I interacted with my son (a good thing for a mum to do, huh? I think so). Writing the start of Chapter 13, which (if you’re up to date) you can probably guess is about to have a fairly decent confrontation between Jonas and Braph… well, I hope you’d guessed that. Hardly a spoiler, in my opinion, anyway. My point here is that it is meant to be a pretty action-packed, and pivotal scene, so it is imperative that I get it right – as close to perfect as I can in a first draft. So, do you know what I think I should do? Sleep on it. Try to get my sub-conscious working for me. So that is what I am gonna do. And then tomorrow, I should have time to do a little writing in the morning, and possibly even the afternoon! Woo.

Listening to: the rhythm of the dishwasher. It was really cool. Sounded like someone playing a funky rhythm on some bongo drums. But it has started a new part of its cycle now. Less cool. Oh, back to it again (about 2mins later)… awesome. OK, I think it might be bedtime.

Oops, nearly forgot! Vote for me! I really wanna get some pictures up on here!