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Steam Punk, here I come

As mentioned previously, I am a member of writing.com. On a weekly basis, I receive a bunch of email newsletters giving me writing pointers and links to helpful groups of people who can give further help. I am still clearing out my WDC email from when I was unable to read them on a regular basis while working and being pregnant and then having a young baby (and housework and animals, etc… sometimes writing research gets pushed down the bottom of the pile, sadly). An email from last year showcased a group dedicated to the genre Steam Punk.

Well, I read the list of themes common to Steam Punk projects, and it got me thinking: I LOVE the Wild West/Victorian fashions… and I am a total addict of Wild West shows (Young Riders, Deadwood, Brisco County – the last of which is Steam Punk in itself!). Weapons of the War started out being aimed at that kind of era, but I altered it to fit a slightly more traditional Fantasy umbrella. Plus, I sort of preferred knife/sword fights to gunfights for a more personal touch. But, my heart is still with the rough men and beautiful women of the Deadwood-styles. And after reading that list, I thought to myself, with a few tweaks, my story could be Steam Punk (Jonas already has tattoos, Braph already has body-modifications)… and how exciting to get on board with a relatively new genre. The main difference will be in the fight scenes, as I think I will have to change them to gunfights – which is fine, because I wanted a gun used at the end of the story, anyway.

Anyway, I have been itching to draw for a little while. So, for your pleasure, or otherwise, here is a new version of Jonas…

A New Jonas

This is a pencil sketch, photographed… I am still dreaming of getting myself a tablet of some kind…

Anyway, part of my editing and re-writing will involve pulling my story further into the Steam Punk genre! Watch this space for a bit of fun.

The great attention-grabber – snow

Indeed. It snowed today. So, when I might have had a moment to be writing, or doing something else productive, I was staring out the window watching the snow fall. Actually, early on I was staring out the window wondering when the snow would turn up – it had been forecast, afterall, what was the hold up?

Well, it turned up. Only about 2cm deep here at approx 130m above sea-level, but it’s enough to cause some havoc on the roads. Usually when it snows in Dunedin – at least as I recall it from my childhood – it snows overnight leaving the world looking gorgeously white first thing in the morning until the first people venture out, churning up the snow and mixing in mud from the damp lawns underneath. And then the day is fine, and the snow slowly melts.

Today, I woke to a normal, if cold, morning. There was the thinnest hint of snow over night – just enough to make me timid on the back steps when I took the dog outside.

It began to snow about mid-morning. The sky above our house was clear, just a minimal few flakes floating their way over from the clouds skirting about the nearby hills. When the snow finally arrived, it was the main event of the day. To me, it is still a rare thing to actually see the snow fall.

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I’ve been Pitch Slapped

With great thanks to The Canary!

I sent in my brief blurb that I put together a few months ago and they ripped it to shreds and built it back up for me.

As I am, admittedly, an amateur writer and I started on my “novel” simply as a way to entertain myself, never expecting to get quite so carried away with it, I have a lot to learn of the writing craft, yet. And with the help of CanarytheFirst(and let us not forget TheOtherCanary) I am one step closer to Mastery (though I must admit that I never expect to attain it, the journey is enlightening!).

What’s fabulous is that this blurb review helps highlight not only the things in the blurb that I need to strip out or strengthen, but it encourages me to revisit what I have written so far to ensure that my plot is as strong as my revised blurb should be. I believe that the plot I have in mind is strong. But I know that there are some steps along the way that I need to develop more fully to realize it.

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Short-Story Contest Entry

Am working on an entry for a Writing.com Contest for one of the groups I am part of (I joined Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society a month or so ago, and then was invited to be a Power Reviewer last week!).

It’s a 3000-5000 word number, so equivalent to a book chapter for me, except that it has to be a whole story in itself – beginning, middle and end, and all that. The fun part is that I can have co-authors (up to 5) to help me to shape the story. It will certainly be a learning experience, and I hope that it has a positive influence on my writing overall.

I have chosen to use the Prompt number 3: The year is 2011 and a young man has stumbled upon a wand and an instruction manual.

Last night I had a little dialogue float through my brain, and some rather (I thought) creative ideas regarding this little ditty. So I hope that it turns out to be a good’un. I will post it here (under “Other Works”) when all is said and done. Wish me luck on my journey to improve my writing.

Oh! And Vote for me! (and then go and find 5000 other people to vote for me, so I win… 8 days to go. 1,000 a day would be good.

Puppy vs. Laptop Power Cable

Puppy 2, Laptop Power Cable 0

And this is a 7+yr old laptop without a battery (I took it out cos it makes the laptop too hot). So, no progress made today.  But, hubby shall return home soon and repair said cable… again. I really must save my work on the home server…