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Merry Christmas

Since I am working on my Christmas cards during my son’s morning  sleep today, I thought I might extend my Christmas wishes to anyone who happened by here. So, if you were getting a card from me this year, it might look something like this:

Baby J wishes a Merry Christmas to all.
Baby J wishes a Merry Christmas to all.

It’s pretty tough getting the perfect pose from a one year old, so I thought I was quite lucky getting this one.

Last year was far easier. I had a baby I could place on his back, or tummy, & he would pretty much stay put.

I get the feeling that next year will be a little easier, as I suspect I will have a willing participant. Of course, he could prove me wrong…

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

    • Ha ha. If only I were so talented at Photoshopping!

      I have been known to dabble with my bass in the past. Unfortunately, a baby bump, & then the baby, kinda got in the way. I haven’t hidden my bass away, though. It sits there, reminding me of the funky tunes I should learn. It’s so pretty. It’s purple (o:

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