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Music: New Zealand Music Month The Finalé – Supergroove

Well, we’ve made it to the end. And, have a got a treat for you? Well, I hope you think so, because I certainly do. I present to those who have been unfortunate never to have heard of them: Supergroove.

A seven-piece band could just make a lot of noise, but these guys managed to create a really crisp sound that spanned genres – rock, hip-hop, funk … whatever you want to call it all. Basically, what I’m saying is, it’s going to be hard to stop posting videos if I want to give you a full taste of what these guys have to offer … and then there are all the songs that weren’t singles … oh, what a shame (I’m thinking “For whatever reason” in particular … but, then there’s also “Only the rain” … oh, and …). Right, yes … on with it, then.


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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Goodshirt

Nearly over, and then I can return to my usual programming … although, you know what? I’m getting tempted to do the occasional music post. I have to admit that while writing is my number one “hobby”, listening to music is right up there. And, I love to share, even though I know you can just go and log into Youtube yourself. It’s nice to have directions now and then though, huh? There’s just so much music out there.It’s the same with books. I was in a 2nd-hand book store yesterday, and just looking at the shelves full of books I’ve never heard of … Made me sad as a writer, to know that my own writing will disappear into obscurity. But, it is heartening in a way, because it was a 2nd-hand bookstore. All those books I’d never heard of? Someone else bought. Yep. So, a book might not reach the heights of the New York Times bestsellers, but it’ll still get read by someone, and that is what it exists to do.

Anyway, music today. I admit, I chose this one as much for the video as for the song. It’s not the best quality video/audio, but the other version on Youtube wouldn’t even play to the end of the first line, while other videos play fine (“Things that make you go hmmm”). Anyway, check out the girl singing along to the song while the band clears out her house. Perfectly timed.

And I’ll stick this one in, too, to give you an idea of the Goodshirt sound. They’re good at a bit of humour in their music. So, here’s “Fiji, baby” – “When we went to Hamilton I said ‘Just pretend it’s a holiday’, you said ‘Yep, I’ll just pretend it’s Fiji, baby'” …

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Shihad

Yep, the band that temporarily changed their name to Pacifier (after one of their songs) when they were trying to break the American market … all because of 9/11 and the fact that their name rhymes with “jihad”. But, then they changed it back again, so that’s OK.

First up, this might not be one of their most popular singles (they are huge band here in NZ, though), but this is a song I’ve always considered “mine” … “Deb’s Night Out”…

One of my absolute favourite Shihad songs would have to be “Sleepeater” … it’s so danceable.

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Zed

On the home stretch, only a few days to go. And today I showcase the band known as Zed (just pointing out how us Kiwis pronounce the last letter of the alphabet … yes, it does spoil the song a bit, but, still, it’s just … it just is).

Zed aren’t around any more, but they were pretty cool in their day. One member of note would be Andy Lynch (the curly blonde-headed one on guitar). We first saw him playing guitar on a Just Juice ad many, many years ago. Then he turned up in Zed, then Atlas (along with Zed’s bass player Ben Campbell). When playing for Atlas, often supporting The Feelers, he would lend his talents to The Feelers, who are traditionally a three-piece, but tend to need a fourth when live (Opshop have been known to loan their guitarist, too). Oh, and now he plays for The Feelers officially. That boy gets around.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be about one person (but, it could be …) here is Zed:

And, I just have to post this one, too: “Oh! Daisy” – “What do you expect from someone who was named after a cow? Yeah, go figure.”

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Jordan Reyne

OK, I admit, I skipped out on the random number today, in fact, I didn’t even go with my pre-prepared list. This one is total self-indulgence. I do that a lot, huh?

This one is ideal for those of you into the Steampunk genre. “The Machines of B” by Jordan Reyne. From the Youtube video, Jordan says: “A story about a mysterious engineer called “B” who wakes up one day minus his machines and is confronted with the emptiness of his inner world.”

The wonderful thing about Jordan Reyne is that she makes some of her music available for free via her Last.fm page – so go check it out! Free music. Awesome.

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A follow up review

This is a follow up to the review I posted the other day, from a reader who read my first five chapters on Jottify. I posted up chapters 6 and 7 and this is what she had to say:

Great continuation – it reads like a published novel, flawlessly. I could repeat everything from my first comment for these chapters – great characterization, it flows perfectly, gripping narrative, intriguing plots and subplots… But how could you be so cruel as to leave such a cliffhanger…!?

And then I posted Chapter 8:

Love the new chapter – the dialogue, the romance, the action, the internal debate / struggle, you pack a lot in, which makes it an eminently enjoyable read :-)

… yeah, the rest be spoilers, so, no, not here.

If you feel so inclined, I have the first 10 Chapters available on:


and Authonomy (since this is the one that would increase my chances of being picked up for publishing, this is the one I’d be keen for support on).

I realize I may be jumping the gun, but I am eager. Plus, I have been working on this thing for over three years (not long compared to some) and I can truly sense the end is nigh … and then there are those scenes for book 2 that are already hijacking my brain … I can’t wait to write them and figure out exactly how I shall shape that phase of the tale.

Still hope/expect to have this draft in the bag in 2 months. But, please don’t point and laugh if I don’t. I’m sure there will be a reason. But, I do find that posting chapters up (and receiving positive feedback) does help force me to knuckle down and get on with it … but, first I have to go compile that darn newsletter. Right, yes. Procrastination end.