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Music: New Zealand Music Month The Finalé – Supergroove

Well, we’ve made it to the end. And, have a got a treat for you? Well, I hope you think so, because I certainly do. I present to those who have been unfortunate never to have heard of them: Supergroove.

A seven-piece band could just make a lot of noise, but these guys managed to create a really crisp sound that spanned genres – rock, hip-hop, funk … whatever you want to call it all. Basically, what I’m saying is, it’s going to be hard to stop posting videos if I want to give you a full taste of what these guys have to offer … and then there are all the songs that weren’t singles … oh, what a shame (I’m thinking “For whatever reason” in particular … but, then there’s also “Only the rain” … oh, and …). Right, yes … on with it, then.


Rock? You want rock?

OK, here’s a video someone made for “Only The Rain”. Not a very exciting video, but the song is still very cool.

Basically, I love music that straddles genres so, to me, these guys are awesome. I love all their B-sides, too, from “Here Comes The Supergroove“, to “Sister Sister” and “Sex Police“, oh, oh, and “She Got The Rhythm“, yeah, that one’s cool: “She got rhythm like a high-hat, she got rhythm like a kick, she keeps the beat a pumpin’ with a rhythm that’s slow or quick”.

OK, there are other bands by the name of Supergroove, so to help, I’m just going to link a bunch, here:

Next Time

U Gotta Know – these guys would have been among the first to record a backwards video. This was for the international release of the song. There was a local version first.

You Freak Me

 What You Like … is what’s making you feel good. What you like is what’s keeping you sane …” “What you like is your own business. What you like is your own thing.”

Well, there you go. May/New Zealand Music month is over … hmmm … now I have to find something else to talk about.

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