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Today’s Project

Today I started work on an image I hope to work up to a standard that I could handle putting on my cover for “Healer’s Touch”, if a better alternative doesn’t present itself. So, rather than a bunch of words, here’s a bunch of images.

Early development image
I sketched this far in Artrage Pro

I really wanted to like ArtRage – and I do! – but I am finding GIMP preferable for this sort of work.

 Progress Image
I love laying down colour then working up the image through shading
And adding detail. . .

I know Llew isn’t much of a dress-wearer, but I thought I’d take the chance to get the Steampunk theme in there. Especially as I can see it becoming more prominent as the series unfolds.

 Progress Image
Coming along

Well, that’s me. Back to it!

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