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A Night to Remember: Part Six (by Simon Petrie)


A Night to Remember: Part Six (by Simon Petrie)

Part One of this story can be found here. Part Two is here. Part Three is here. Part Four is here. Part Five is here. An updated list of extant parts can be found here.

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The one positive aspect, Gordon decided, was that Claudia Iyzowt was still alive. Albeit for a given value of ‘alive’ that involved the short, grey-haired heiress’s apparent sedation and confinement, by the medium of a set of depressingly secure-looking straps, to a disconcertingly medical-looking and unnervingly technological trolley with an unnecessarily extensive collection of blade- and sensor-wielding robotic limbs poised thirty centimetres or so above Claudia’s.

The negative aspects

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Author Interview: Richard Barnes

It’s SpecFicNZ‘s Blog Week, and for my part, I interviewed New Zealand writer, Richard Barnes. Richard writes speculative fiction short stories, with plans to write a novel in the near future. You can visit his blog, and check out some of his work at: https://richardbarneswriter.blogspot.co.nz/
Oh, and Richard interviewed me in return … here.
Cover: The Royal Wedding From Hell (Richard Barnes)

Here’s the interview …

Light or dark chocolate?
Dark, most definitely. Light isn’t real chocolate, surely? Does Juliet Binoche touch a spec of light chocolate in Chocolat? I think not.
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Hmm, I would probably say choc ice cream wins, but only just…there are times when I’ve chosen vanilla over choc.
Favourite colour?
Don’t really have one. I tried to chat a girl up one time by asking this question – she said “brown” because she was so close to the Earth. I went on to express my enthusiasm for all things environmental and got absolutely nowhere. I wonder where she is now? Probably Finland.