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Author Interview: Paige Daniels

Howdy folks. Another one of these things. They’re kind of fun. And I’m just doing a few ’cause it’s that time in the lead up to release day when publicity is needed on a grand scale… like, a massive scale… and probably should have been done ages ago… oh well. I am open to the idea of more author interviews, if you’re keen. I might even pick a day of the week to do them…

Today’s Interviewee is Paige Daniels. Paige is a fellow Kristell Ink author whose book, Non-Compliance:The Sector released in November. It’s a gritty tale about a post-war America in which the citizens have, mostly, been convinced to accept having microchips inserted into the backs of their necks… for their own safety, some may believe. Others might see it as government control… and those are the people you’ll likely find in the Non-Compliance Sectors – areas where those who refuse to be chipped must fend for themselves. So, what would you choose? The cosy lifestyle and the chip? Or hard-won autonomy?

Take it away, Paige:

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Author Interview: Me!

Hey all. My writer mate, Chris Stocking, interviewed me over on his blog, Write to Perfect. My interview with Chris, here, resulted in the busiest day ever on my blog, with something like 60 visits (68, I checked… 28% increase on my previous high of 53)! I know… I don’t get many… I’m lame… But you can go find out about my lameness in all its glory over HERE.

Author Interview: Chris Stocking

Fellow author and blogger, Christopher Stocking’s first purely YA novella, “His Only Star”, was released this week. I’ve been a follower and friend of Chris for some time now. He’s a good keen storyteller, and I really look forward to seeing his writing career take off, as I’m sure it will in the not too distant future.

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Headache solved!

And because it bothered me for nigh on 24hrs, I’m going to save you the trouble… ‘Cos, you know, you’re going to strike EXACTLY the same problem I did… Um… Yeah… probably not. But, I’m going to share, anyway, because I care.

So, yesterday, I was getting a little help with entertaining my son from Youtube. He loves the “Mahna Mahna” song, so we often have that repeating over and over and over and over… You get the idea. Anyway, sometimes he wants to go off the tangents that Youtube suggests at the end of the video, That’s fine, it’s all Muppets and Barney and stuff… Often, it’s Animal drumming! Which is great. Toddler does love drums. Which is cool – his dad plays them. Anyway… We ended up playing this video:

Neat little number… funny, and all that. But… right at the very start the guys says “Do you expect me to play this, man?” And I’m like: “I’ve heard that. In a song…. But which song? Gah! Which song? What song was it?! Aaaaarrrrghhh!” Yeah. Something like that. All I could hear in my head was that quote… no backing music to help me… nada.

Somewhere around 20 hours later,

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