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Learning Experiences: Goodreads Giveaway

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Free! on a Goodreads Giveaway

Share and share alike they say. So I guess it’s my turn to share my experiences of a Goodreads Giveaway, just in case it helps those who come after me…

Well, first things first. Before I ran my giveaway, I checked out this page. It gives a nice blow-by-blow run down of giveaway results, showing you how different blurb styles and run times can affect the outcome of a giveaway. Reading this page can help you decide the ideal length of giveaway for you, and to write the most successful giveaway plug you can (e.g. Rather than the back-cover copy – which people can find easily enough – include reviews!).

I would like to add one caveat: Giveaway entries do not equal eventual sales, nor do additions to Goodreads shelves. While I was well aware of this, I was still surprised by other aspects of the giveaway.

If you’ve ever entered a Goodreads giveaway, you’ll know that when you do, there is a checkbox, already ticked, to add the book to your to-read list. Great. If you’re hoping to win a free copy then presumably you want to read the book! Well, yes, perhaps…

Check out my final numbers to see what you think:

People requesting: 1320

People who have it on their shelves

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Goodreads Giveaway

So, as a sort of Celebration of the release of Healer’s Touch, my publisher, Kristell Ink, is letting me GIVE AWAY five (yep, 5!) copies of the paperback edition to Goodreads members. And, because I can, I’m going to sign them…

The giveaway will begin Wednesday 13th February and will run for 10 days, closing Friday 22nd. So, if you haven’t rushed out and bought a copy yet (and why not?!), or you just really, really want a signed copy (I’m sure you can find someone to pass your other one on to), then head on over to:


And sign up!

Winners are not obliged to, but are encouraged to leave a review (especially if they enjoy it!).

Pretty Pictures: Chino (Miniature Horse)

Hey all.

So this week was the Healer’s Touch release day (the 31st). Pretty exciting times. Strange times, though. Everyone starts asking, “How are the sales going?”. My answer? “I don’t know”. I mean, I can guess, but really I have no idea. I have no way to check each and every sales channel and find out numbers and combine them to know anything… So, I don’t know.

Plus, unlike the big publishers that start getting reviews and building excitement months (sometimes a year or so) in advance, we didn’t do that. We’ve been hunting reviews in the weeks leading up to the release, but reviewers are pretty busy and some flat out won’t look at Indie Authors/Small Publishers. So, it’s a steep climb. It’s a “Hurry up and wait”… You put the book out there, and then you wait for it to take off… hopefully… (o: But you don’t sit back. You keep looking for someone to review it, and other ways to let people know it exists. That’s the big thing. No matter how good a book is, how are you going to sell it if people don’t know about it? So, each and every person who says “I read this book and it was awesome”, I love you.

Anyway, I felt like getting away from Books. I wanted to share a contrast I’ve noticed. I mean, I’ve seen this coming…

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