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My Message to Iain (M.) Banks

Hey guys,

When I read the news that Iain Banks was unwell I was brought to tears. I considered doing a blog post, but I’ve been humming and harring over “capitalising” on someone else’s misfortune… I don’t want to do it. But, I feel like sharing with you, my readers, a little insight into what Iain (M.) Banks, the literary genius, means to me.

I signed his guest book with this message:

The day I picked up “The Crow Road” was the day I became a Reader. Rather than someone who just read books, I became a consumer of books and looked for a certain something in the books I read. Most of my book shelf is a bit of a rag-tag, but I have three dedicated shelves: two for a couple of series I’ve enjoyed, and one for Iain (M.) Banks books. In various online communities I have been better known as “QuietlyConfident” or “Soulhaven”… identities I adopted under your influence.

For all this, I thank you, and send you all the best vibes I have in my power to send. Whichever way things must go, I wish you the best of outcomes for you and your loved ones.

It’s weird to me. My online identity has been based on space ship names created by Mr Iain Banks in his Culture novels (in particular Look to Windward and Excession, though I have read several!) for many years, including my username for this blog…

That is all…