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Round, round, get around, I get around…

I think I’m getting better at this interview thing

On another note… I was struggling with making progress on WARRIOR’S TOUCH over the past couple of weeks. Then last night, I had a thought about a scene that was OK, but just wasn’t quite doing it for me… Write it from another POV! At the moment, the scene is in Llew’s POV, but I’m going to have a go at Jonas’ later today. As soon as I had that thought, a whole lot of new dialogue came flooding in, and even a whole new scene! I had thought I’d keep WT in Llew’s POV, even though the story is more about Jonas’ issues because, as a reader, I get quite attached to reading through a particular character’s eyes. But I think it’s going to go a little closer to 50/50. There are a couple of Braph POV scenes again, too. And a new POV…

Oh, and I crossed the 60,000 word mark last night. Yeah, na, I’m not 50% through the story…

Music: New Zealand Music Month – Anika Moa: My Old Man

The ultimate daughter-father change-of-heart song… I think Llew might have sung a song like this… if she was the singing type.

Fun fact: when I had the time to include learning the bass in my day/week, this song was in my list. Fairly simple, but with a few nice runs. My dad was teaching me. Might get back into it one day…

Doing it for the love of it?

Salmonella Dub – For the Love Of It (not the version I was thinking of, but it will do)

Why do you write?

When I published my post the other day, somewhat jokingly bemoaning my as yet undiscoveredness, I did get a couple of reminders that we should be writing because we love it, not in order to get famous or (heaven forbid) rich.

Well, I just want to take a moment to be honest…

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The long hard road from anonymity…

Guess what.

My book was published at the end of January and I’m not famous yet.

I know!

Seriously, though, I’m sure we all know by now that selling books comes down to more than a matter of having a book out there. First and foremost, it has to be a good book. If you would like it to sell well, it also has to find wide appeal (and sign a movie deal). Now, that sort of thing is hard to predict. It’s a matter of giving the world what it wants when it wants it. You can’t guess this based on what’s been selling. By the time you finish your book, the world will very likely have moved on. So we come back to the good old: Write what you want to read and hope. It’s all about hope.

There is one thing that will help your book sell (once you’ve already written a good one): word-of-mouth.

But how do you get it

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Krackatoa: Corporate Conga Line

So… I missed my NZMM post for yesterday… and nearly today, too. Most of the songs I have noted as potential posts are oldies, and I’m well aware that I ought to be trying to push newer work.

So, when I gained a new Twitter follower tonight who just happened to be a NZ musician, well… You can guess my thinking process… Let’s push ’em!

Krackatoa describes himself as: “psychedelic electronica to symphonic melody composer from New Zealand releasing music suited to film”, and since I would one day love to see my book made into a movie (who wouldn’t love to see their head-movies become reality?), I’m more than keen to do my bit to encourage the local film industry (and related artists)…

So, here’s a neat tune I found…

It pays to ask the tough questions… of your characters

So, I was reading this blog post by Kristen Lamb, and I got to thinking what a good exercise it would be to ask my own characters the questions near the bottom of the post. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a whole book and nearly a half with these guys, I know them pretty well. But, do you know how easy it is to just carry on thinking you know your characters without really stopping to think? I’ll tell you… really, really easy.

The questions are (paraphrased):

  • What is his/her greatest strength/weakness? (Bearing in mind, the greatest strength is often also the greatest weakness)
  • What is his/her greatest fear?
  • What problem could make him/her struggle the most?
  • What problem could force tough moral choices?
  • What problem has the highest stakes?

Now, the last three questions are more “story” questions that are derived from the first two, which are “character” questions. The last three only develop real impact once the first two are answered.

I asked the questions of Llew and Jonas. Llew didn’t surprise me much. Jonas shouldn’t have. And yet,

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Headless Chickens: George

I’ve been a bit busy today, and didn’t get around to scheduling this, so it’s late… but here’s a Kiwi song from yesteryear…

I highly recommend looking up “Donde Esta La Pollo” and “Mr Moon” by these guys, too… but I couldn’t find them on Youtube.

If you’re a Kiwi artist and happen to stumble up on my blog, feel free to let me know if you have new music to promo. I’m always keen to learn about it. I am a bit particular about what I will get excited about, though.