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Round, round, get around, I get around…

I think I’m getting better at this interview thing

On another note… I was struggling with making progress on WARRIOR’S TOUCH over the past couple of weeks. Then last night, I had a thought about a scene that was OK, but just wasn’t quite doing it for me… Write it from another POV! At the moment, the scene is in Llew’s POV, but I’m going to have a go at Jonas’ later today. As soon as I had that thought, a whole lot of new dialogue came flooding in, and even a whole new scene! I had thought I’d keep WT in Llew’s POV, even though the story is more about Jonas’ issues because, as a reader, I get quite attached to reading through a particular character’s eyes. But I think it’s going to go a little closer to 50/50. There are a couple of Braph POV scenes again, too. And a new POV…

Oh, and I crossed the 60,000 word mark last night. Yeah, na, I’m not 50% through the story…

2 thoughts on “Round, round, get around, I get around…”

  1. It’s interesting to have a story told from multiple POVs. But Orson Scott Card annoyed me when he rehashed “Ender’s Game” multiple times in different books, retelling the same exact story from different characters’ point of view. I thought it was hackneyed and commercial, worse than George Lucas and those infernal Ewoks.

    • Yes, I’d get a little pissy over reading the same stuff from different perspectives. I mean, it worked in the New Testament, but even then I was getting a little bored by the end.
      It’s about picking the right POV for the scene… usually it’s intuitive, sometimes less so. I have been ignoring my gut instinct on this one, I must admit. Feeling so much better sine I decided to open the floor up to Jonas.

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