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Awkwardness… – #8Sunday

So here I am again, sharing eight lines of WIP for the Weekend Writing Warriors’ #8Sunday.

“Welcome” to new readers, and “Thanks for coming back” to returners.

Sorry to those who were looking for a little more explanation to last week’s entry. I’m going to have to remain tight-lipped on that one… too much spoilery information for HEALER’S TOUCH… But I love this bit, so I hope you will, too…

To set the scene for this one: Jonas and Llew have just attended a funeral for someone dear to them and have headed out for a walk to reflect. Jonas complimented Llew on her speech… and Llew brushes him off like so:


Llew reached the fence and turned to look Jonas up and down.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Well then, what you didn’t say, it was real nice.” He

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New year, New look

It’s the Solstice. Summer for you lot up north, winter for us southern babes. And a solstice means a new year. In fact, the Maori New Year, Matariki, occurs at this time of year. It’s not based on the solstice, but rather on a particular constellation of stars making its appearance in the dawn sky. Thing is, though, you notherners celebrate your new year in the middle of winter, looking ahead to the longer, warmer days to come. If us all the way down here were going to do the same, then we’d do New Years now. So, it doesn’t surprise me that that is exaclty what the Maori do. As it is, though, I rather enjoy celebrating New Years at the height of summer… makes for lovely long party nights.

Making another observation… technically, our clockwise should be your anti-clockwise… just sayin’. There are “anti-clockwise” clocks (which, if it’s the direction the clock goes, makes it clockwise, bringing about the question “Can anti-clockwise clocks actually exist?”, but I digress…). I’m tempted to make them my staple.

Anyway, what I wanted to draw your attention to is the new look for my blog. My graphic designer friend, Kura Carpenter, made the new banner up for me. I hope you like it. I do. And I surprise myself with how much I like the red background I picked to match it… Red is not traditionally amongst my favourites.

New beginnings…

I’m ready.

Onwards and Upwards

That’s the statement for the day… Kindle links for HEALER’S TOUCH are back up. It will take time for it to be re-linked with the paperback and my Author profiles (and all the previous reviews) but it will be all sorted soon. And we shall push forward stronger than ever.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I look forward to bringing you books filled with drama, not surrounded by it.

Onwards and Upwards.


HEALER’S TOUCH unavailable on Kindle, still on Smashwords

Due to reasons, HEALER’S TOUCH has fallen off of Amazon’s Kindle (as have the other Kristell Ink titles – NOT Kristell Ink’s fault*). However, it is still available via Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and no doubt many other outlets. Oh, and the paperback is still on Amazon.

I will update my Kindle links as soon as I know the new ones. I know Grimbold Books are working feverishly to get them all back up.

I am particularly annoyed that this happened now, as HT had been selling quite well the last two days. The rank leap had been staggering (for which I have my readers to thank).

Onwards and upwards, though, eh?


* Not Amazon’s fault, either, I would like to stipulate

***UPDATE: Please note, HEALER’S TOUCH is back on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions now (it was only gone for about a day – Phew!)***

Book Spotlight: Leaving Who by Cynthianna

Leaving Who by Cynthianna

How many authors do you know who only need one name…

Leaving Who
by Cynthianna
available from Mojocastle Press

After touring the universe with time traveler John Smith, Cici Connors wants one more thing—to go home. Will the imminent destruction of Earth throw a kink into her plans? (Leaving Who is the sequel to Loving Who, also available from Mojocastle Press.)


“You want…more than…me?”

His wide eyes and quivering lip betrayed how stunned John Smith was by my revelation, but somehow he still sounded indignant. The depth of his self-love knew no bounds. I could see the first Doctor booming such an arrogant statement to his companions who, of course, would reply apologetically, “Right you are. You know what’s best, Doctor.”

But he didn’t always. And neither did my traveling companion. Sure, watching the embers of the universe flicker until they were no brighter than a dying campfire did bring a tear to my eye—but so did a good chick flick and PMS. After so many wondrous sights, I’d become jaded and bored. My Doctor substitute didn’t seem to get it. I took another stab.

“Yes, I need more than just endless travels, endless fascinating sights. I need structure and routine occasionally.” I spun around on him and gestured wildly. “I need to be with people who love me for who I am—and don’t try to pawn me off on an interstellar slave trader in payment for a rickety transmat booth.”

He glared down his nose at me. “I explained that to
you thoroughly, Cici. It was an attempt to get him to lower the price. No one should have to pay that much for such substandard transport.”

“You’re damn right!” My voice rose an octave, echoing off the transparent dome above us. “It was worse than substandard. I’m still picking the splinters of wood bark out of my hair. As much as I love to hug trees, rematerializing inside a trunk isn’t something I ever want to attempt again.”


By way of explanation about this fantasy romantic-comedy series: I’m a big Doctor Who fan and have always wondered what would it be like if a time traveler did visit Earth and ask me to come along with him on an adventure. Things wouldn’t work quite as smoothly as they do on TV, of course, and my romantic alien time traveler might have a few foibles and habits that are hard to get use to… This is what Cici discovers in the first book of the series, Loving Who. In Leaving Who, Cici makes a decision–she wants to go home. Somehow, with her alien friend John Smith and his colleagues Captain Mac and Babbling Brook, you know it’s just not going to be easy, but it will be funny.

LOVING WHO now on Kindle and in print: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002CQZYGK
When you least expect it, love happens!
Check out a novel by Cynthianna:


If you want to play this game, you have to be stubborn and push through all your own doubts and just have some silly little part of yourself keep telling you “I can do this”… it’s the only way. I suck. I’m no where near as good a writer as I want to be… but people do seem to like reading HT, if they know it exists… but first, it had to exist… in completed form…

There, I said it…

Keep Calm and Carry On

Contemporary rendering of a poster from the Un...
Contemporary rendering of a poster from the United Kingdom reading “Keep Calm and Carry On”, created during World War II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow. I’ve seen this meme bandied about over the last couple of years… never bothered to look up its origin. But there you go. According to Wikipedia, the British Government popped it up on posters at the beginning of the Second World War, to help ease the concerns of the public… or rather, to tell the publc to “get over it”.

I was so sure it was a mother’s mantra.

It is, isn’t it?

Well, it sure was for me yesterday… and so I thought I’d share.

The inciting incident for this story happened back at the start of February… day after my book released, to be exact. I was heading out for dinner and a movie with a bunch of friends (absolutely nothing to do with my book launch, by the way, which I was very happy with… I usually like to quietly make my way in life until I can say BAM! Here I am!). It all started with my choice of footwear. Usually, when I go out, I wear my high heals. Lovely shoes (and I tend to only have one pair until they’re so worn I must replace them), but this time, I had decided to pull out an old pair of wedge-style shoes. Now, when wedges seemed to be all the rage last year or so I screwed up my face at them, because I think they look horrid — forgetting, of course, that I actually had a pair of my own. The difference is that the “classy” high heels with a filled in sole are just not my thing. These ones look like little pink sparkly ballet shoes; they are covered in beads (that were probably hand sewn on by some poor girl in India who didn’t get paid nearly enough, but I’m so grateful because I could actually afford them… I’m so sorry!), and they tie up my legs with pink ribbon… see… sometimes I’m a girl! Woah.

Anyway, recovering…

So, I was wearing these wedge-style shoes… I know, shoot me now.

After buying our tickets to Django Unchained, we crossed the road to the nearest Thai restaurant, and my wedge-style sole found the chipped edge of a broken bit of tarseal…

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Book Review: Space Games by Dean Lombardo

Space Games by Dean Lombardo
When men & women are fighting, is there ever a winner?

For the sake of full disclosure, I will state that this book is published by my own publisher, Kristell Ink, part of Grimbold Books (although, I purchased my own copy).

That being said, I really enjoyed it, in a slightly uncomfortable way.

I have often said that when I read a book, I seek to fall in love with at least one of the characters. Well, I don’t think that’s meant to happen with this book. Seriously. If you fall in love with anyone, well… hmmm… I’ll look at you funny. Maybe Morty, or Vince… they’re OK. But of the main characters, there is no one here worthy of your love. And that’s fine. I think that’s the point.

I thought the concept of these two contestants was really interesting. As for a battle of the sexes, well, that made me a little uncomfortable from the get-go. There’s no doubting that, everything being equal, a man is physically superior to a woman (just going by muscle strength here), so the idea of them competing fairly was difficult to accept. However, I think it was dealt with really well. Robin sure is feisty, so it was believable when she did manage to come out on top (that may or may not be a pun at some points in the story… my lips are sealed).

I admit I spent a good chunk of the book trying to like both Robin and Joe… but they’re both pretty dispicable in their own way. I managed to find some semblance of sympathy for Joe along the way, but there are some things that are simply unforgivable — especially when they’re premeditated!

I loved all the detail that went into describing the low-gravity (zero gravity, as was often the case) setting — it was really neat and had me pondering just how much research Dean Lombardo had done when (or before) writing this thing. Really nice little bits and pieces here and there that even had me wondering if he had first-hand experience!

Pulp doesn’t usually feature in my chosen genres, but this was without a doubt a good read, if not always fun (although, fun for much of it!). A great way to look back on ourselves and “our” love of cheap entertainment (I’m going to exclude myself, as I have a tendency to avoid reality TV since the very first Big Brother – just doesn’t interest me). Greed has a lot to answer for.

Happy reading!

I feel I have succeeded

Hey yous fellas… and fella-ettes…. is that how it works? I must ponder on that… (perhaps “fellas” is asexual… sure… I’ll take that).

I’ve been quiet.

Basically, I’ve been writing, or working, or mothering, or (heaven forbid) tidying and cleaning… (shudder)

Sometimes I think to myself “My blog is part of my “author platform” (I quote because I totally understand what that means), I should make it interesting so people will want to read my book”…

The thing is, I may be published, but I am an amateur. I have no guru-spec-tac-u-lar to spill over you and imbue you with the magic of “you can do it too” (although, by the way… you can do it too).

I have me. My book exists in digital and paperback formats…

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