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Songs of the… whim (N+1)

I have a Winamp playlist set up on my computer. But often I want to hear music I don’t own a personal copy of. Also, sometimes I just like the idea of a band earning royalties from my listening to their song, even if I’ve already paid for that “right” years ago. I struggle to find a “real” radio station that caters to my interests, and so I tune into Pandora, or more specifically my Healer’s Touch Pandora Station (not that I don’t have others). Tonight, Pandora played Chevelle “Saturdays” for me. With a sound very similar to the Deftones, I wasn’t complaining…

But if that’s not your cuppa (that’s right, I’m trying to look after everyone here – a recipe for disaster, more than likely), you may just (like me) appreciate the painful honesty of Yuna’s “Decorate”:

*Disclaimer: Yes, I’ve posted Yuna’s song before, but… but… meh.

Perfection: A step too far?

Purple phone cover
Purty in Purple

So, recently I bought a second-hand phone off a friend after she upgraded. It was pretty cool but, being a pink fan, she had put a pink protective cover on it. I like protective covers, but pink is not my colour. It just didn’t feel right. So, I invested in a purple gel cover (ooooh, a grand $4! Ouch!). Let me tell you… it’s MUCH better. I have even found myself gazing on the beautiful purple-ness of it… yes, it’s true.

Anyway, the purple cover came with a screen protector. In this day and age of Gorilla Glass I don’t tend to worry much about protective screen covers, besides, you usually just end up trapping bubbles under them. Well, I think I saw the screen protector as a challenge, and so I set about putting it on the phone. I managed to do it with just two tiny “bubbles” where pieces of dust had managed to cling to the protector before it settled on the screen. Pretty good. Pretty damn good, in fact. And so the screen protector stayed, even though I’m not totally sold on the effect it has on the view of the screen.

Well, despite this success, I found myself looking at these teeny tiny bubbles one day and, for some bizarre reason, thought maybe I could get rid of them.

Yeah, well…

I managed to introduce a tiny hair from somewhere which created a bigger bubble and another piece of dust settled just below the earpiece, and the corner I lifted won’t quite stick right down again…

… yeah. Think about that next time you’re thinking of just tweaking your manuscript one last time, eh?

“If I’m left guessing, hopefully readers will be too” Guest Post: Author Clare Davidson

Hey my peeps,

Those of you who have hung around here a while likely know that I tend towards being a pantster… or, more precisely, a plotster. I write by the seat of my pants with a vague notion of where I want the story to end up and how I want to get there.

Reaper's Rhythm CoverBut since there’s no one right way to do this thing, I thought I’d get fellow-writer Clare Davidson to let us in on her process. Clare writes Fantasy, and her new Urban/Paranormal Fantasy novel REAPER’S RHYTHM came out on Friday.

Take it away Clare…

To plot or not to plot…

Okay, I apologise for the terrible Hamlet pun. What can I say? I’m an English teacher.

Plotting and I have a love-hate relationship. It’s pretty similar to the relationship I have with my muse, actually. When I first started writing, I

Read more…“If I’m left guessing, hopefully readers will be too” Guest Post: Author Clare Davidson