Bandit Book Bloggers: Interview with Gillian O’Rourke, author of THE RELUCTANT PROPHET

Cover - The Reluctant Prophet by Gillian O'RourkeHello, Gillian! Welcome to the home of Deb E., where I grill you slowly, basting regularly, until you’re nice and tender then I—uh, hey, where ya going? Come back, come back, I’ll be gentle. Promise. [See. I look totally innocent].

So, first up, can you tell me a little about you and your induction into writing?

Hi Deb, thanks for having me (but please not for dinner). And I promise to keep everything short and sweet! At the moment I’m working away full time as a Social Care Worker, helping adults with Intellectual Disabilities, but before that I was a nurse for several years in Melbourne, Australia, where I grew up. First thing people might notice about me is my odd accent, which has a mix of Scottish, Aussie and Irish now since I moved to Eire in 2007.

As for my writing, I’ve always been writing stories, especially since my teens, but I haven’t truly pursued it because I wouldn’t let anyone read my stuff. Last year I decided to ‘grow a pair’ and I was really very lucky to come across some very lovely people from Kristell Ink, who decided they loved my fantasy novel.

Tell me a little about your fantasy novel, THE RELUCTANT PROPHET.

The Reluctant Prophet is set in its own unique world, more medieval in technologies and beliefs. The story is written from the perspective of seventeen year old Esther, who has the gift/curse of foresight. The only problem is, she can only see the futures of the people around her and never her own. So poor Esther goes through trials no young woman should ever have to as a result. And her decisions might change the future

Is THE RELUCTANT PROPHET part of a series? Are you working on another book, related or not?

It is part of a series, but I am hoping to make each of the stories stand alone. However, some of the elements from the other books will coincide, either with characters or plots. At the moment, my focus is on book two, which is titled, The Sinner’s Daughter, and it takes place about a quarter century after the events in The Reluctant Prophet.

I have a few other ideas churning around my head at the moment as well, but I’ll have to see if any of those ideas find themselves being brought to life.

How are you finding marketing your book? Is it easier/tougher than you expected?

I think it’s tougher than I expected in many ways. Because it took so long for me to send my work out, it’s taking me a while to become comfortable with ‘promoting’ my work and come to terms with the fact that a lot of work is online. Thankfully, I have some great friends and they’ve really helped me along in many ways, sharing posts, giving me encouragement and the odd kick up the bum if I need it. It’s been a massive learning experience and I’m sure it will get easier the more I work at it.

Is there a particular book or author you might say inspired you to take up the pen as well?

When I was 12-13 years old I was obsessed with writers like R.L Stine and Christopher Pike and thought I could write a horror. Needless to say, the 70 page handwritten attempt was woeful, but I had to start somewhere. When I was 14, my English teacher gave me a book by an author called Isobelle Carmody, called Obernewtyn. It was a post-apocalyptic fantasy work, but it captured my imagination like no other book has. It’s still one of my favourite series of books to this day. Since then, I’ve barely wrote anything else except fantasy. Occasionally, I like to dabble in the paranormal genre.

[I read outside Fantasy, too, but I keep coming back to it… and I suspect I, too, will stick with writing it — it’s a great genre!)

Is there a book you might consider your Guilty Pleasure? You know it’s no literary masterpiece, but it just keeps drawing you back…?

My guilty pleasure is Jane Eyre and thankfully it is a masterpiece! I love, love, love it. I’ve read it at least one hundred times. It’s dark, haunting and passionate, as well as being a great story. I’d say that’s disappointed you now! *grins*

[Well, you didn’t give me anything to point and laugh at… yet…]

White wine, or red?

I hope you don’t want to baste me in either . . . Bourbon.

[Personally, red wine does make a nice baster… and I prefer Whisky]

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, very strong and lots of it.

Dark, light, or white chocolate?

Dark. Yummy.

Spicy or mild?


Sleep in, or get up early?

Get up early! Especially in the summer. There’s a lot of daytime to enjoy!

Name 3 things you can’t stand to leave home without…

My smart phone

Hairbrush (I’ve long hair – it tangles easily)

Notebook and pen (I know that’s four, but they automatically go hand in hand)

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

On my corner suite, where it’s comfy and cosy – especially in the winter when the fire’s on. Toasty roasty.

Where can your reader stalk you?

Since I’ve got brave, in several places!


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