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Six years old… yesterday

Someone's been rolling...
Someone’s been rolling…

I admit, I was in two minds about posting my latest pics of my baby, but, well… there he is in his natural state (o:

He hasn’t been all tarted up for photos. I went out to visit him in the weekend (just under an hour drive, now). I just took the chance to give him a brush down and look at his feet and re-acquaint myself with him. It’s been two months since he moved away. Where I had been keeping him (10mins drive away) wasn’t an option any more, and we still don’t own a property to keep him.

Was wonderful seeing him again. He’s such a lovely boy. Whenever I catch up with him I flap ropes and halters and whatever all around him, and he never reacts. He’s a really calm little man, and I’m so proud of him for that. (That being said, he’s got a little bit to learn when it comes to standing patiently while I work with him…)

So, yesterday (23rd Oct, NZ Time) he turned six. Well past time I started teaching him a few tricks. With a toddler to raise now, too, I haven’t done as much with Chino as I would have liked, but he’s now fully mature and ready to get on with things, so I’m pleased he now lives with people with experience in training minis for carting. So, this summer…. (o:  Good times ahead.

Some time when I go up and the weather is good – and set to be good for some time – we will give him a bath and see what his colours really look like. If you’ve seen my previous posts of him, you will have seen that, as a foal, he was strikingly bay/pinto… actually, more tri-coloured (he’s grey through the chest, bay at the rear). Even through his early years he kept these colours, and if I blanketed him over winter, he would be bold, too… Hard to know if he is roaning out or just dirty, now (o: So, bath time soon. There will be photos!

Really looking forward to having fun with my wee man (and my other one – the toddler – can come too).

Nothing much more to report. I shall keep you posted on progress, though!

Free Chino
Slipped his halter…

And here’s the other photo I got after the boy slipped his halter while he was meant to be learning patience…


Oh, alright… and here’s my other boy happy as can be (don’t be fooled by the seriousness)… I mean… TRACTOR!

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    • First, we’ll be getting him used to the idea of things following him, and wearing a bit/bridle. He’s already worn a saddle, so I know he’s unflustered by that. My son, Josh, has sat on him a couple of times… Chino’s not 100% sure what to make of that, but he doesn’t react, so we’ll work on kiddy rides, I think. But, the main goal will be cart-pulling. The people he lives with have been known to do a little cross-country carting with their minis, so I’m keen to give that a go. It would be a lovely way to travel.

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