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Interview with Deb E Howell, author of “Healer’s Touch”

I was interviewed by the lovely Joanne Hall. You can read even more about me, here… (wow)


Interview with Deb E Howell, author of “Healer’s Touch”

Following my review of Deb E Howell’s “Healer’s Touch” (see previous post), I’m very happy to welcome Deb to the blog today and subject her to some gentle probing. Take it away, Deb!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Deb E Howell, author of “Healer’s Touch””

  1. The book had so much promise. But, you left so many things unanswered. Perhaps less sex and more information about the different races; the way they came about and the reasons for the current relationships would have been good.

    The book could have been a five star book. It began that way. At the end of it, I had a hard time giving it two stars.

    I realize wanted to be able to give it more.

    • OK, thanks.
      It was tricky weaving in all the background of the races when it turns out that what everyone thinks is wrong… I had Anya being a little bit knowledgeable with her book-learning… but everyone has a lot of learning to do in Book 2… I guess it depends if I gave people enough reason to come back for it…

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