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Welcome New & Faithful Few

Well, hello there.

So, about ten days ago, my publisher advised me there had been some 37,000 free downloads of HEALER’S TOUCH. Now, this is where I have to remind myself that these are downloads that would not have happened had it not been free… because, well, I still have a student loan sitting there… looking at me… and I’m looking at it… yeah. Maybe next time.

Anyway, that was a highly successful promotion we had there… and we didn’t expect it. I guess it just goes to show what a decent cover, blurb and the few kind reviews I already had can do…

Over the course of the month, I’ve gone from having just 22 reviews on Amazon US to over 90. That’s amazing. 22 in a year… another 70 in a month. Goodreads has seen a jump, and I even got my first review on Smashwords. B&N also got some action.

It has been an amazing time for me.

I’ve gone from cringing when I thought about HEALER’S TOUCH (and a determination to make WARRIOR’S TOUCH not cringe-worthy) to being able to flip open HT and think “Hey, that’s not half bad”).

I’ve had reviews and comments left on my blog, Facebook Page, or emailed directly to me, telling me how much enjoyment people got from reading my book (that’s the BEST!).

I’ve had people declare it a cleverly written novel. I’ve also had it labelled “pretty dumb”.

I’ve had people like it, but be disappointed because I left too many untied ends. I’ve had someone like it well enough (giving 4 stars), but declare a refusal to buy the next one unless it was priced free, or maybe 99c. That stung (worse than the 1 & 2 stars… worse than the “pretty dumb”).

And there have been people disliking it. That happens.

Fact is… I have learned to see the good about it. That’s been huge for me.

It means that while I plan for WT to be better, it doesn’t have to prove anything. HT already did that. All WT has to prove it that I’m still here and I plan to keep learning.

So, a great deal has changed in the last month (along with my keyboard’s decision to start having issues with the letter ‘o’, apparently).

My son stopped having afternoon sleeps just as our free promo began.

Within days, I had people asking after WARRIOR’S TOUCH… ooooh boy. I love it, and I fear it.

No, I love it. It’s wonderful to have found an audience.

I’ll tell you a little about WT…

I had planned to complete it last August, but I struck trouble. I was trying to stick to my outline, and I had been pushing forward with it, even though my gut (and my characters) had been telling me it was the wrong path… It took me a long time to be convinced, and a little bit longer to figure out the alternative (kill someone, ah ha ha ha!). Finally, I “deleted” (vaulted) 50,000 words… Yeah. It is a lot.

I pushed on.

But there was still an issue from earlier in the book. Part of me thought I could tweak it later. Another part  knew it would take more than that. I finally gave in to the latter… and then I realised I really needed to go right back to the beginning…

Now, this didn’t mean absolutely starting from scratch with no words. I still had words I could use. I just needed to re-write some opening chapters… and finally, finally, make a decision on the Prologue (gone).

So, now I’m streamlining. I fixed the beginning. I’m still confident many of the events in the middle will stay, it’s just a matter of making sure things reflect the new events that have gone before. Believe me, it gets tricky trying to remember what was part of the old timetable and what is part of the new… But that’s what a final pass for consistency is for!

And that ending… I have seen it (yes… I have). I have decent notes. I’m looking forward to it.

So, now my son attends extra hours at kindy so that I have booked-in writing time every week day (and most weekends, if my husband is available). And most nights, I get a few more words down, or edited… either way, it’s progress.

I need to be adding about 2000 per day to the current draft. Ouchies.

So, eager folks… stick with me. It’s coming!


29 thoughts on “Welcome New & Faithful Few”

  1. I’m stickin’ with ya, girl 🙂 Just keep on writing and pushing on and LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCT AND YOUR CHARACTERS! That’s not yelling, btw, just emphasis 😛 Can’t wait to be your beta …. oh, yeah, bring it on..
    Sorry I’m being so dorky, it’s 5:17am here and I need to be in bed! Probably. Surely? Yeah…

    • Yep. Go to bed, you. Me, whose child woke her nearly every time she crossed the sleep threshold last night, does not understand those who willingly forgo sleep!

  2. So pleased for you! Sounds like the promo did some amazing things for you 🙂 Hope the words flow! Oh and I hear you on the dropped toddler day-nap, jeepers that can really throw the day out! Good luck.

    • Well, you get used to a certain routine, don’t you? Don’t get me wrong, I love flexibility, but you need that underlying structure to work from. The change-over periods are the roughest, as you try to work out how things are going to work… until the next big change!

      Good luck with your efforts, too — with your writing and your daughter and the home schooling(!!) — I don’t know how you do it… but you do, and that’s amazing.

  3. I enjoyed Healer’s Touch so much that, believing the anticipated due date of the next book, I jumped to BN and . . .. No Warrior’s Touch! That’s okay, though, ’cause I know stuff happens. I’m hanging in there, waiting semi-patiently. Mums of the wee ones need tons of grace. I’m with you, Deb!

    • Yes, I do apologise for the lateness. The creative process didn’t go as planned. Very happy to know you enjoyed HT. That does help a struggling writer’s confidence.

    • Wow! Thank you for letting me know (o: And I will definitely make sure WT is worth the money… to the best of my ability, and with the aid f my publisher.

  4. I loved dealer’s touch and can not wait for warrior’s touch! 🙂 The first book was very well written and it was very easy for me to become captivated by Lew and her new found friends as she starts her journey to new lands. I plan on buying Warrior’s touch once it is available in e-book format. Keep up the wonderful writing.

    • Thank you very much.
      I’m pushing forward as fast as I can on WT. Ebook will be available at the same time as paperback (possibly a little sooner, in fact).

  5. I, like the previous voices, had immediately gone to Amazon to buy book two, and was very sad at not finding it there. I am very glad someone posted this webpage, and am gladdened to see you state you are fixing the opening timeline (weeks becoming only two weeks) and am looking forward to helping you along and paying for book 2, and 3, and 4, and … 🙂 I have always wanted to write, dabbled a couple of times, and never followed through. So, I follow through by purchasing good reads. I will check back soon!

    • Well, thank you for swinging by!
      Yes, Book 2 has taken longer to write than I had anticipated. I guess I could have finished it last August/September, but it would have been a let down. What’s coming together now is much better.
      There have been trials, with time becoming more limited, but I’ve kept pushing through. It will happen, and I hope to get it to the world in the next few months… fingers crossed.

  6. I just finished reading Healer’s Touch and I’ll admit, I went for the free download (I’m also a rather poor college graduate with those lovely student loans) and I am so glad I did! I don’t take to most books but I couldn’t put this one down (even when I was at work). I am looking forward to Warrior’s Touch and commend you on writing such an enrapturing novel.

    Keep doing what you do!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed it. Much appreciated.
      I absolutely understand taking advantage of free book offers. I’m very lucky that even though I have a publisher, I’m able to offer them, and when they do put a price on the books, they do so very reasonably.
      I hope I can continue to entertain.

  7. Hi Deb, I’m another fan who found your work through the free BookBub download of Healer’s Touch. I loved it, loved the characters Llew and Jonas, loved the unique world you created, loved the action and morality and romance. I also went to amazon ready to buy your next book… I’ll be waiting none-too-patiently! But please take your time, and know you have a loyal reader in me. (Shut up and take my money, as the meme says! :D)

    • I will gladly take your money (o: Once I have rendered the service… Still plugging. Will have to talk to my son about him entertaining himself for the weekend… (o:

  8. Probably wouldn’t have tried HT if it hadn’t been free. No offense I just have a plethora of authors I follow and one of them usually has a new read on the shelf. Never fear as soon as I turned the last page I was logging onto amazon to one click the sequel. I will gladly pay list price. Onward! I am looking forward to the next book!

  9. Just read healers touch. Could not put it down, it was great. Hope the next one comes soon. I loved the way you did not drag out any of the story line but raced ahead. It kept me locked in all the way. Keep up the good work. I would have paid to read it.
    Regards David,
    Evesham UK

    • Thanks for stopping by, David.
      I am terribly sorry not to have completed Book 2. Between the day job, the child and occasional crippling self-doubt, it’s been a mission. All these positive comments about HT, though, are helping (i.e. Keep ’em coming, people!).
      Appreciate the time you took to write.

  10. I received a free copy of Healer’s Touch through BookBub and was engrossed immediately! Free books are typically hit or miss, but this one was definitely a hit. I’m so happy I got to discover a new author with real talent. Keep up the good work! I’m the type that goes for marathons over waiting for the next book in a series, but I’ll keep checking back for the opportunity to buy Warrior’s Touch! You’ve got me hooked. 🙂

    • Thanks, Pauline.
      It has been a bumpy road. I wanted to get WT out last year, or at least early this. I probably could have if my original outline had been perfect, but it wasn’t, and re-outlining and re-writing around work and family has been a real mission. However, all this support is helping me say, “This is important! I need to do this!”, so it’s helping me put my writing first at every available moment.

      So, my promise is this: I’m working on it as hard and smart as I can to have a good draft completed this month. I will request that my beta readers don’t take too long, so I should be getting WT to my publisher before the end of April. As soon as I do, we will begin discussing Cover Art, and will do our best to get the finished product to readers ASAP. How soon will that be? I don’t know at this stage. But we’ll be doing our best, that is the promise I CAN keep!

  11. Hi Deb, I have to say that I loved Healer’s Touch and am so looking forward to The Warrior. The ending really left me wanting for more. Good luck in getting the the next installment out, I can hardly wait.

    • Thank you, Joe.
      Again, apologies that the next book isn’t out yet. I am working as hard as I can to get it completed and out ASAP.

  12. Looking forward to the next book – thoroughly enjoyed Healer’s Touch. Very creative premise, great characters. I am a fan!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by to say so, Susie. Every positive comment is appreciated!
      Nearly finished. And we will be working to polish it as quickly as we can (without compromising quality) and send it out into the world asap.

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