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NZMM – The #GigatownDunedin Edition – Straitjacket Fits

I’m still writing….

But… It’s MAY!

And MAY is NEW ZEALAND MUSIC MONTH. And, every year I do a NZMM special, where I share Kiwi music daily for an entire month, because I love music, and I’m very proud of our Kiwi musicians.

Anyway, this year, I am trying to win my city a prize of 3 years subsidised Ultrafast Broadband plus a $200,000 start-up grant for new companies to set up in our city… So, I’m going to showcase bands from Dunedin. Some may be new. Most will probably be old. But they’ll all be a little bit special.

So, right now I need to knuckle down to some writing, so here’s my first NZMM #GigatownDunedin Edition video:

Another great song that could fit into almost any author’s playlist…

2 thoughts on “NZMM – The #GigatownDunedin Edition – Straitjacket Fits”

  1. Dunedin always was THE place to be for New Zealand music – where, some time in the early ’80s, you could drop into a scarfie flat on George Street and find a live band in the lounge. Netherworld Dancing Toys, for instance. But Auckland had the Gluepot (demolished since) and my home town, Napier, had the Cabana – now owned by a friend of mine who’s still running gigs in it.

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