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July Update

Hey, hey…

So, I have been thinking about the way life works and how it’s really tricky trying to fit regular blogging into life, but also how regular blogging can be a good thing. And so I have come up with a plan… a monthly recap blog post, interspersed with the occasional “I gotta share this” blog post…

Also, down the track I’m looking to redesign my website so it has a better landing page and the blog is more of a side project — and I’d probably separate out the different topics I like to touch on.

Writing Progress

Early July saw a few more Beta reader comments come in for WARRIOR’S TOUCH which I worked to address. I also still had a few of my own niggles about the ending, but I thought to wait until I received feedback from

Kristell Ink after they first read it. Unfortunately, they haven’t had time to look at it, yet. But, then, that has given me a bit of time to think about and finally address my few concerns to my satisfaction. Now I promise not to touch the story again until KI have read and assessed it as is.

In the meantime, I have been working on outlining MAGICIAN’S TOUCH, and, in the process, discovered I am really not a full outliner. I keep thinking that being an outliner would make me a more efficient writer. But on applying final adjustments to WT, I have reminded myself just how much of writing is re-writing. And so, now my plan is to forge ahead with the loose outline I already have in mind for MT and see how the first draft plays out. From there, I can work on making it a better story.


As always, work stress comes and goes, but it hasn’t been too bad this month (better than others).

My son came down with Croup in the first week of July. He was lucky in that he got over it swiftly. I only had one 3.30am wake up. The next night, he had his breathless coughing attack at 11.30pm (much more convenient). But we did give him two days off from kindy, which took away two days of writing for me, so that was a minor pain (selfish, I know…). I know some people can write while their child is at home, but mine rarely stops talking to me if we’re in the same building (very tiring for this introvert!), so writing is a no-go if we’re together and he’s awake.

I’ve been eager to get on with MT, but wanted to have a sense that the end of WT was as set in stone as it needs to be in order for me to progress. Minor edits shouldn’t upset anything, but major changes could. I’m confident at this stage that I can now forge on. Roll on Book 3…

What I’ve been reading

Through June, I read the DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE series, by Laini Taylor, and really enjoyed it. I think I liked the first book (and its promise) the most, but the series overall was a good read.

Then I went on to read CHASING AZRAEL (Deathly Insanity #1) by Hazel Butler, and I have got to say… I LOVED it. It had the perfect mix of mystery, sexual tension and fantasy elements for me. I’m really looking forward to the next book!

After that was MARK OF THE MAGE (Scribes of Medeisia #1) by R K Ryals. This book came up listed as being similar to HEALER’S TOUCH, and I suppose it is. It’s fantasy, and there is a burgeoning romance there, but I would be inclined to draw the line there. It was an enjoyable enough read — and one that many of my readers probably would enjoy, too — but it just didn’t delve quite as deep into certain elements as I would have liked; and that’s just a matter of personal preference (and, just to be sure, I’m not saying I think my writing is better by any stretch… I know that what I seek in what I read — and what I write — may be outside of my skill level as a writer).

And right now I am reading SHROUDED SOUL (Hidden #3) by Clare Davidson. While I am learning that I really don’t enjoy reading First-person Present-tense all that much, I have really enjoyed this series to date and would recommend anyone give it a go.

Coming Up

Well… I’ll be working and writing and helping others with their writing, and child-rearing, etc, etc.

I’ll be writing MT.

I’ll be having a birthday (wooo)… next Monday (NZT), for those interested.

And, I’ll do a similar post next month!

6 thoughts on “July Update”

  1. I just finish Healers Touch and saw there was a sequal but its not on Amazon! CAN’T wait till its avalable.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed HT. I really appreciate it.
      Sorry WT isn’t available yet. It took a lot longer to get up to standard than I hoped. It’s entering the final stretch to publication, though. I hope you’ll look out for it.
      Thanks again.

  2. I just finished healers touch and LOVED IT! I NEED to read warriors touch now! I was so sad when I saw it wasn’t out yet. When can I expect it to release? Please be soon! I don’t think you understand how much I want to read that book, lol.

    • Thanks, Kirby. I’m *so* sorry it’s not out, yet! It is with Kristell Ink, who have first right of refusal when it comes to publishing any Healer’s Touch sequels. I haven’t heard, yet, whether they’re going to take it on… so no publish date, yet. I HOPE they say yes, and I HOPE they can somehow fast-track it…

      Honestly, I wish I could have written it faster and got it out sooner, but I did the best I could… and it IS finished… it’s nearly there…

      The first five (unedited by anyone buy me) chapters are available on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/9840974-warrior%27s-touch-the-aenuk-chronicles-2

      • Thank you for the info. I hope they rush it, too. I will check out the first five chapters for sure, but I know they will leave me wanting more. I loved healers touch, you are a very talented author! Do you have a Facebook page that I can like for updates on release dates?

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