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September Update


First up, the Grimbold Books Kickstarter project “From Dream to Team” surpassed its target and, I believe, reached its stretch goal. Thank you so much to everyone who backed it.

The fact is that not all of us authors are ready to self-publish right out of the gate, but neither may we be prepared to sign our lives over to a large publisher. But good small publishers are hard to find and be confident in. Oh yes, they’re out there, but you just never know.

I took a punt on Kristell Ink, just as they took a chance on me. They were new, I was new, but both sides felt each had a future.

It’s hard to get a brand new book from a brand new author noticed. It’s not a lot easier when it’s pushed by a brand new publisher. Kristell Ink, and Grimbold Books as a whole, have done their darnedest to give each of their books a good shot, but it’s been a slow road for us all (well, except for the success of February’s HT BookBub promo). Sammy and Zoë have funded the book productions themselves, so far, with, I imagine, little reward to date. This Kickstarter will help them fund the next round of books, and get them under the kinds of noses that other people listen to. Yes, this may mean that WARRIOR’S TOUCH will have something of a delay in coming out (it takes time to get books onto NetGalley and the like, but that’s what the big players do, to help their authors make a big splash come release day). If WARRIOR’S TOUCH is as good a book as I think it is (and, in my opinion, it is significantly better than HEALER’S TOUCH), then I want to make sure it has the best chance of being noticed by the many when it launches onto the world’s stage. I want to please my already keen readers and get it to them as soon as possible. But my “career” (she says with a day job still to go to) is still very much a fledgling. I’d love to see it make inroads to taking off.

So we wait.

Writing Progress

About a week after my August Update I penned a new opening to MAGICIAN’S TOUCH that I feel is a keeper… for now. It’s enough

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