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October Update

Wah! It’s the 20th October already. Where did the time go?


Well, not long after last month’s post, I signed a contract with Kristell Ink (Grimbold Books) for them to publish WARRIOR’S TOUCH (look, it’s on their Future Releases page).

Matt Donnici, the cover artist for HEALER’S TOUCH, has given us the nod for also doing the WARRIOR’S TOUCH cover. Hope to get started on discussing ideas soon.

Ooh, yeah… I wrote a guest blog post last month for A Woman’s Wisdom. After attending the talks by the marketing manager from Smashwords, I decided to write a post about doing it your way. If you’re a(n aspiring) writer, the amount of advice online can seem overwhelming, and some of it can come from such a convincing voice of reason it may truly seem like the best/only way to do things. But, if there is one thing I have learnt on my short journey, there is no ONE right way to do any of it. Outline/don’t outline, Self-publish/seek representation, publish as you write/amass a back-catalogue first… Half the time, you won’t know what’s right until you’re doing it/have done it. And that’s OK! So, yeah… I wrote a POST.

And… that’s about it!

Writing Progress

October has been the first month of real progress on MAGICIAN’S TOUCH. After a very busy September

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