April Update

So, Easter has come and gone and the year marches on.

Rememberance Poppy
Attribution: Wikimedia Commons (click on image for original)

New Zealand also commemorates Anzac Day in April (25th). It’s a day when we remember not only the day Anzac troops landed at a beach in Gallipoli during WWI, but our armed forces in general. Fact is, those guys do what the rest of us are so glad we don’t have to. But, sadly, we do live in a world where, I believe, some force is necessary sometimes. To quote one of my favourite movies (How to train your Dragon 2): “Men without reason cannot be reasoned with.”

I’m grateful to my uncle who popped up a little post on Facebook giving a run down of what he’d learned about my great grandfathers’ involvements (his grandfathers). I knew they must have been involved somehow, but I hadn’t managed to do any investigation so far myself. It’s nice to have a few details to add to the family tree I’ve been slowly filling in.


Sadly, not much again.

With the latest Pirates movie suffering delays, it seems Matt is still tied up with that, so there has been no word on his ability to work on my cover. So, it looks like we’re on the hunt for another (which we sort of have been anyway, but now it’s more concerted). We need someone who can loosely match Matt’s style so Warrior’s Touch looks like it’s part of the same series as Healer’s Touch without having to fork out for a new HT cover just yet. I had a go at working on an illustration that could have been photo manipulated into a suitable background, but it didn’t go to plan. My illustration talents leave a lot to be desired! Kristell Ink are on the hunt. Hopefully we get a bite soon.

Writing Progress

On the writing front, I’ve been outlining and getting to know some new characters that make an appearance in Magician’s Touch. As one central character has cerebral palsy, I’ve been doing a bit of research on that, as well, and making tweaks to my draft as I learn what she is and isn’t capable of. My inspiration for her was the appearance of Geri Jewell in Deadwood. I loved her as “the gimp” in that and wondered if I could have someone similar play a bigger role in one of my books, and I think Elka will do just that, since she’s going to be rather central to the development of MT!

Progress is still difficult to measure at this point. My official word count hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds, but I still have a good few pages of handwriting to type up, and I’m getting back into some sort of routine… kind of. (Things are never entirely routine when there are children about).

Non-writing Progress

I haven’t been working on any more illustrations. Actual writing is the priority when I have the time!

What I’ve Been Reading

Since last month’s report, I’ve finally (finally!) finished The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. It only took about 2 and a half years… It’s the fifth book in the Outlander series, which I do–honestly–enjoy. This one just… got a bit too caught up in the details a few times too many for my liking. It’s a big book, and it wasn’t always clear how a certain scene was going to play into the overall story arc. Sometimes, I really felt like we were off on a tangent, especially with some of the medical scenes. They felt like they were there to show the research that had been done. Overall, though, Clare and Jamie are still lovely people to hang out with and no down I will revisit them again.

I also read Broken Strings by Nancy Means Wright. It wasn’t my usual fare, being a who-dunnit, and a different, kind of light-hearted style I am less familiar with. I was interested enough to keep reading, though, and some characters really had me wanting good things for them. There were a few issues that cropped up that I felt got glossed over too lightly for my liking, but overall very readable.

After Broken Strings, I’ve got stuck into Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War, book 3 in his Demon Cycle series. I liked the first two books well enough, so we’ll see how we get on here.

I have also been reading Up The Duff by Kaz Cooke and generally laughing when I do… mainly because it’s too true! Kaz is Australian, so there are a few turns of phrase even us Kiwis don’t understand, but overall, it’s spot on.

Most of my daily thoughts consist of “I have no interest in food, I cannot cook, I must lie down, I need to watch crap on television…

Although, I have found that since taking more B vitamins, the need to lie down has reduced, and my need to read/write takes care of the television bit. But “I’m hungry, I need to eat… I have no interest in food” is very true.

Coming Up

So, for those of you still with me, even after re-reading the above few lines over trying to figure out if you’re deciphering what you’re deciphering… yes, I am.

So, that’s what’s coming up, some time in November. So, uh, yeah, I’ve got to knuckle down on this writing thing at a time when all my brain can think is “baby, baby, baby, baby…” but I’m going to do the best I can, thanks to B vitamins (so good… I slept through half of Easter, then I found B).

It’s a little bit strange for me. You see, to have Mr4.5, we needed a little help because I didn’t ovulate on my own. I went to my GP a few months ago (probably when I had just become pregnant) because of pelvic pain (all good… and she pretty well dismissed me and made no hint she could have suspected this), and we talked about whether or not I wanted to go back to the fertility clinic… and I cried. The fact is, I love my son, and I love the idea of him being a big brother, and I know my husband would like another child, and my parents would love another grandchild, and my husband’s parents would love another grandchild, and… I kind of like the idea of having a second grown child. But babies and toddlers and little children are hard work. So is writing make believe stories. And doing a day job that needs doing but no one really wants to do. And housework (which needs doing but no one really wants to do). And my husband has been working six looong days a week for months now, and will be for the foreseeable future, leaving me as solo mum (with slightly higher finances) with two jobs (writing and my office job). So, I’ve been thinking about how if I “just got” pregnant, that’s like fate or luck (good or bad), and I would have to deal with it, but at least I’d have the right to complain about how hard it is and how much writing I can’t do with two kids underfoot… But if I chose to get help getting pregnant… Well, I felt I would just have to grin and bare it while hubby was away 12 hours a day, 6 days a week (I know… many mothers have it even tougher).

And then I realised that I had been super, dooper pre-menstrual, but I wasn’t getting a certain visitor.

And, so fate happened (which I didn’t even know I could do… so, yay me).

And, probably pretty good timing, too, as these things go. Mr4.5 will be off to school. I’ll hopefully have MT finished or so close to nearly finished I’ll be able to write while a little person sleeps (maybe… no promises). And then I can spend a few years researching my next writing project while I get a second child ready for school. The only thing now is, who will do my work at the office? (Few wish to learn… it’s a matter of being somewhat tech savvy and then doing monotonous, repetitive things… oh and then there’s everyone’s favourite: Health and Safety). I won’t be sad to say goodbye to that. Hopefully I can.

Anyway, this is an author’s blog, so back to authory things…

Fingers crossed cover things happen soon.

I believe editing will start really soon… At least, I was told last month that it would.

It looks like the WT release is being pushed out to July. I hope not late. I guess it will depend on editing and cover. I will do my bit to make the editing process swift.

Thanks for sticking with me.


10 wk pregnant scan
10 weeks. Boy or Girl?

And now I am really hungry… but I don’t know what I want to eat… sigh.