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Updated to https

Hi all.

The site might be a bit slow loading if you’re visiting for the first time in a while as I have updated to https to be more secure and likeable. As I am short on time and modern website know-how, I have used a plug-in to help me, and there is something about the way it works that slows things down. Those of you on mega-cool internet connections probably won’t notice. But, I did, because I’m stuck in the “stone ages” of a 10MB/s connection (o;

Anyway, this is all in the aid of working to improve my visibility and find some more readers. So I will be looking for opportunities to be “out there”.

That being said; first priority is to finish Magician’s Touch, promise! Well, first priority after my mum duties and keeping a roof over our heads. But right after that…

Be seeing you around!

Feel free to let me know what you’re reading and loving. I’ve been in a reading slump recently, trying to slog through books that aren’t really grabbing me, except this recent YA read by a fellow Dunedin, NZ writer Kura Carpenter: The Kingfisher’s Debt.


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