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Healer’s Touch

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“They want your sons.”
“My–? But I don’t… ew!”

Healer's Touch Ebook Cover

Llew has a gift. Her body heals itself from any injury – but at a cost to anyone nearby. In a small country ignorant of magic, freeing oneself from the hangman’s noose isn’t a good look. After dying and coming back thrice, Llew drops from the gallows into the hands of Jonas: the man carrying the knife with the power to kill her–permanently.

The last of his warrior race, Jonas is surrounded by the ghosts of his loved ones. At his side, the cursed knife that took their lives. Jonas has learned the hard way that caring for others means their death.

Jealousy of his half-brother’s celebrated strength and speed drove Braph to create the device that gives him the power to perform magic, any magic. But it needs fuel–the blood of a healer…  

Healer’s Touch is a fantasy novel flavoured with a wild west setting, steampunk-like technology, enough romance to draw you in, horror to keep you hooked, and just enough sex to keep things spicy.

TW: Sexual assault, rape. Some swearing.

Book Details

Publisher: Kristell Ink (part of Grimbold Books)
Date: 29 January 2013 (2nd edition: June 2013)
ISBN 978-1909845060 (paperback)
ISBN 9781909845084 (EPub)

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Also available in Audio via Audible.com

In New Zealand/Australia? As of this moment (late March 2019), I have copies of Healer’s Touch and Warrior’s Touch right here in my home. Want a signed copy? Get in touch! I can do HT at $25 plus postage, and WT for $30 plus postage.


Sample Chapters

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Healer’s Touch playlist based on the music I listen to while writing…

Reviews & Praise:

“There isn’t a dull moment in the story, with the action starting from the first page.” — Jo Toon, Science Fiction & Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ)

“It has been a while since I rated a book 5 stars for more than the fact that I liked the story… but I have to say Healer’s Touch was definitely a truly well earned 5.” — Miz Reader (Book Blogger).

“Deb E. Howell comes out swinging!” — Craves the Angst Book Blog

“Howell is only scratching the surface of her writing talents and worth watching as the series develops.” — Noor A. Jahangir

“Healer’s Touch brought very real, very wet tears to my eyes on several occasions, and this is one of the signs that let me distinguish between good authors and great authors. …I really felt this book.” — Hypervorean Book Blogger

“From the first chapter Llew grabs hold of your heart and you are there fighting with her.” — Eclipse Reviews

“…an epic fantasy adventure and is a tiny bit reminiscent of an Eddings book…” — Lost Inside The Covers Review Blog

“Healer’s Touch Delivers Transfusion of Originality to Fomulaic Fantasy Genre”Author Dean Lombardo

“…a must read for all fantasy lovers especially those looking for a new slant on the genre.” — Amazon Review

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