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Just keep on steppin’ And you’ll be just fine…

My (3yo) son is a not very closet Michael Jackson fan, so I have this song (amongst others) in my car…

So, for you fellow writers out there, as well as the rest of you with a dream you’re pursuing, here’s another anthem to add to the playlist…

‘Cause there maybe times
When you think you lost your mind
And the steps you’re takin’
Leave you three, four steps behind
But the road you’re walking
Might be long sometimes
You just keep on steppin’
And you’ll be just fine, yeah”

Yep, this is from The Wiz, and that is Diana Ross singing with MJ.

Other songs to keep in your bag of tricks:

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Headache solved!

And because it bothered me for nigh on 24hrs, I’m going to save you the trouble… ‘Cos, you know, you’re going to strike EXACTLY the same problem I did… Um… Yeah… probably not. But, I’m going to share, anyway, because I care.

So, yesterday, I was getting a little help with entertaining my son from Youtube. He loves the “Mahna Mahna” song, so we often have that repeating over and over and over and over… You get the idea. Anyway, sometimes he wants to go off the tangents that Youtube suggests at the end of the video, That’s fine, it’s all Muppets and Barney and stuff… Often, it’s Animal drumming! Which is great. Toddler does love drums. Which is cool – his dad plays them. Anyway… We ended up playing this video:

Neat little number… funny, and all that. But… right at the very start the guys says “Do you expect me to play this, man?” And I’m like: “I’ve heard that. In a song…. But which song? Gah! Which song? What song was it?! Aaaaarrrrghhh!” Yeah. Something like that. All I could hear in my head was that quote… no backing music to help me… nada.

Somewhere around 20 hours later,

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Last day…

Last day, nearly eight pages down. My own cold has settled in my head, I fully sympathize with my character… although, I didn’t burden him with the sneezing or the runny nose – he doesn’t have anywhere to keep tissues or a hanky, so I decided for a little mercy. Baby J sleeps – hopefully for another hour. Hubby sleeps… hopefully as long as Baby J does – I need the thinking space. Sun is shining… wish I was out in it, but my 7 year old laptop is not as portable as a laptop should be… oh Slate PC, why aren’t you in the country, and why can’t I afford you, even if you were? Woe is me.

Still… eight pages down. It’s Sunday morning. Nearly lunch time, but who’s counting? Dog is sleeping. Cats are sleeping. Wonder what Chino (mini horse) is doing?

I was up till 2am last night. Wasn’t my intention, but I agreed to babysit. Yes, I should probably have done it on my own and taken my laptop and have finished this challenge… But, I’ve never been good with other people’s kids, and having a friend there made the imposed late night more bearable. I think I would have been very grumpy indeed if it had been me alone.

Let’s chuck on some music to lighten the mood and get this done. Winamp, what have you got for me?

This, by the looks of it.

The gauntlet has landed…

So, you may know that CanaryTheFirst has challenged me to write 10 (double-spaced) pages of a story (presumably short) in three days.

By standard theory, as read yesterday, one page is 250 words, so 10 pages is 2500 words. Doable, I thought. Turns out that Time New Roman 12pt on A4 (the standard here in NZ) is more like 330 words, so I’m probably looking at 3300… Still doable, I guess. I bit tricky when the 1 year old is transitioning to one sleep a day (means I get grumpy when he doesn’t want to sleep when I expect him to… it’ll be better next week when I learn not to expect that writing time). Never mind. I have nearly completed 2 pages. I still have a little time before my brain completely shuts off for the night (actually, that’s debatable, it may have already done so), so let’s see what I can churn out.

In the meantime, this is what I happen to be listening to right now:

Well, alright, in reality, I’m already on to the next song… but, if you’re really curious, check out my last.fm “currently playing”.

OK, enough procrastinating… time to write.

Writing Music: Jonas’s Song

Ever since I started writing this story I have considered The Deftone’s song “Knife Party” to be ‘Jonas’s Song’. I am inspired by music, and find that listening to a certain selection of it helps to inspire my writing. I want to write an action story packed with emotion. So I love that this song is so emotionally powerful and, of course, mentions a knife.