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Comments I have received for this story …

From a Writing.com reader (unnamed to protect privacy – but, if this is your review, and you don’t mind being identified, let me know – preferably through writing.com, to be sure):

“This time you get a five. There’s no way I could give you anything less for this amazing story! 

I don’t think I’ve ever read a humor story with more warmth and charm, and the situation in the story beats anything I’ve ever heard or read and almost defies the imagination! How in the world did you think it up?! I think you must be a genius when it comes to imagining things. Fraser’s indomitable cheer and good humor and his resilience won my heart, and the pig–! I’ve never fallen in love with a pig before, but you gotta love this one. No wonder Fraser wants to have shared custody if the rightful owner ever shows up!

[***SPOILER ALERT: You may want to read the story first] And then the surprise of all surprises when Joel finally shows up and it is revealed to us that Fraser actually is gay and that they are a ‘couple’ — that took the cake. Who would have thought it, when all the while Fraser, in his confusion and in his bewilderment over how he had landed in such a predicament, maintained to himself and to everyone he encountered that he’d been out on his stag night and that he was getting married? In any case, since I also am gay I thought that revelation was wonderful! [ALERT end]

I don’t know much of anything about amnesia, and can scarcely understand how one’s memory could be so totally erased (temporarily, we hope)… And the story leaves us with many questions that I guess will never be answered. What really did happen to him, and why was he so battered and bruised when he awoke, and how did he come to be naked except for a nappie and chained to a pig? The list goes on and on.

Just one little ‘stylistic’ suggestion. I would eliminate the second “been” from the first paragraph, second sentence. [note: done]

Thanks again for such a rewarding reading experience — it was sheer pleasure. And I’m quite sure I’ll be remembering Fraser and the pig for a good long time to come.”


Another writing.com reader:

“What a weird and wonderful tale you have here. It has a surreal quality I enjoy. The pig, the over sized nappy, the gay lover at the end. It keep me reading, kept me guessing. I had to lol at the part when you looked at the pig and said “we didn’t…did we?” Funny stuff. The whole story reads like a dream. Great writing too. Well done. You get a five for originality.”