Coincidences = my friends (or, What’s In A Name?)

So, now that I have “finished” my first book and am working on books 2 and 3, I have been doing some researching (some might call it procrastination … but I’m sure it will all be useful in the end).

Xena – Warrior Princess (and a Kiwi, too! – yep, from Oamaru, just up the way …)

Anyway, along with working on these next two books, I am being bombarded by ideas on how to improve my first book – some scenes will need a re-write, some stakes will need to be ramped up … I wanted it to be finished, and I know I am close, but I can see some of the comments I’m likely to get from reviewers/editors already, and I want to fix them so they can be left to only say the really hurtful things.

I was checking out a website full of advice on novel-writing, and one of the things it pointed out is that nothing in a novel should be a coincidence. Sure, they happen in real life. Not in fiction. Well, according to a lady at Pixmar, bad stuff can happen at random. But not good stuff.

But my point from the first site mentioned isn’t about “bad” or “good” events. It’s about everything, even character names. Yes. Apparently, they have to mean something to the story. So I thought Uh oh, I’m gonna have to change some names here

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Progress … It doesn’t look like it, but I’m making it

I just wound my little widget up the side back … You see, it was still reading over 42,000 words, which is what I had got to a week or two ago. But, then I played with my Chapter One, and shortened it. And then, as mentioned previously, I was struggling with my Chapter Eight (and Seven, and, therefore, Nine). Finally got Chapter Eight sorted, as mentioned in my post “Letting it go“. And today … 1,164 words (during the hour and a half my toddler slept). If I had more time to sit here, I could write a ton more. That’s how freeing getting that chapter sorted has been. Sure, the new stuff isn’t perfect, but this is a draft. But, it’s moving the story. It’s just a matter of balancing the info-dumping that could happen now with the very big (very cool) fight I want to have happening.

I suspect things will move forward pretty swiftly for the next wee while. Things are coming back in line with my previous draft (ish), so I will almost be able to copy-paste some stuff … not quite, some characters are coming in, and some are leaving (sad face) earlier than I had planned, but it will be easier, I think. The meat of the story has arrived, anyway.

So, this morning I “attended” a Brent Weeks’ forum chat – in which the man himself signed in. It was really cool. He answered people’s questions regarding the “Night Angel” trilogy – of the Brent Weeks fans, I almost feel like the only person who doesn’t love it …

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