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NZMM – The #GigatownDunedin Edition – Chris Knox

Hey all!

I’ve been a bit quiet. All available blogging time has been diverted to… ah… writing.


It’s MAY!

And MAY is NEW ZEALAND MUSIC MONTH. And, every year I do a NZMM special, where I share Kiwi music daily for an entire month, because I love music, and I’m very proud of our Kiwi musicians.

Now, I could do the easy thing and stick up Lorde’s “Royals”, or any one of her amazing songs. But, you know, this is a forum for me to try and increase my audience, and that’s going quite nicely. So I’m keen to help expose a few other unknowns — including musicians. Because, like I said, I love music (as do many other writers).

Anyway, this year, I am trying to win my city a prize of 3 years subsidised Ultrafast Broadband plus a $200,000 start-up grant for new companies to set up in our city… So, I’m going to showcase bands from Dunedin. Some may be new. Most will probably be old. But they’ll all be a little bit special.

So, right now I need to knuckle down to some writing, so here’s my first NZMM #GigatownDunedin Edition video:

It’s quite a lovely song, really…

Who sings it to whom? Llew to Jonas? or Jonas to Llew? Hmm…

Music: New Zealand Music Month – Chris Knox (Dunedin)

Well, the random number generator tells me to showcase Chris Knox. He was number 1 on my list, because I decided to do this string of posts in the middle of watching the music video for “Not Given Lightly” on a show playing artists from the South Island of New Zealand. The wonderful thing is that he is from Dunedin (my home town). And, so, I am going to throw in a new Dunedin band further down the post.

First up, I’m going to link to this video – the song only goes for about the first half, and he breaks a string! But, this one seems to have the best audio … (the original video, which is a bit average, anyway, doesn’t seem to be on Youtube to date).

And, just for fun, here is Chris’ song as sung by Neil Finn, Liam Finn and Eddie Vedder at the Pearl Jam concert in Auckland in 2009

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