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More Prizes

In celebration of their first birthday, Kristell Ink are running a Writing Challenge to give you more chances to win prizes! (More chances? More chances? Yeah, the Rafflecopter is still running).

From Kristell Ink’s page:

In 500 words, we’d like you to tell us a fantasy/science fiction/steampunk/ subgenre story involving something with a feline feel.


Grim and Bold will be judging, along with Alex Shepherd (reviewer for Fantasy Faction and all around fantasy lover). Once a shortlist is decided, we’ll bring along Adam Dalton (Gollancz author) and decide on the top three.

In the event of a split decision, we will turn to Mark Lawrence (Harper Collins author) to make the deciding decision.

Yeah…. They have awesome judges lined up.

So hop to it. 500 words isn’t too hard. Well… yeah… for someone who prefers novel-length writing, 500 words is very hard. Still, it’s worth giving a go.

And you’ve got till the 16th of August. Don’t leave it till the last minute, though. 500 words will take a ton of editing down (o:

[Music] Music Discovery: September

Here’s the mash-up video for The Countdown this month:

New Zealand will be somewhere in the middle. I submitted Jamie McDell again … What can I say? That girl has a future – well, those of us who like little country with our pop think so, anyway.

OK, I see the video doesn’t tell you which country each of the songs comes from, so I’ll paste the song list here …

:Malaysia: +2Db – Stay Calm – MY
:Colombia: 1280 Almas – Animalito – CO
:Slovenia: Alex Volasko – Ptice – SI
:Norway: Alexandra Joner feat. Madcon – Sunrise – NO
:Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis – Tolima artima – LT
:Peru: Anna Carina – Me cansé – PE
:Estonia: Artjom Savitski – Sinu juurde tagasi – EE
:Indonesia: Bayu Risa feat. Hannah Al Rashid & JFlow – Desire – ID
:Vietnam: Bức Tường – Ra khơi – VN
:Germany: Chima – Fliegen – DE

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New Post Title (Hey, I’m savin’ my creativity for my novel. You got a problem with that, punk?)

Right, I was just noticing that I said I’d keep you informed how I went with that Manuscript Contest I entered (and, I would link to where I said that, and should be able to because I just read it … but I closed the post and I can’t remember which one … Lesson, kids? Erm … write … everything … down? Yeah … yeah … that’ll do). So, I thought I should tell you how I went …

Well …

I didn’t get third.

And, I didn’t get second.

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What a week …

Or, rather … what an end to a crazy week. Hmm. No. I’m not so sure it’s over, yet.

OK, here goes. (I’m on caffeine, so bear with me). Last week, I learned new stuff about writing (Thanks, Janice) and I set about implementing what I learned in my WIP. This meant MAJOR re-writes (good-bye scenes I was really quite attached to …). The problem with doing this now is we start reviewing in the “First Three Chapters” group I am part of next week! Eep! OK, that’s fine. Breathe, you can do this. And … you know what? I was doing it. At over 2,000 words per day, I was doing it. The end of Chapter 1 is done. Chapter 2 is done. Most of Chapter 3 is done – thanks largely to the fact I can reuse some old stuff here.  And, I even finished a short story (~2000 words)  for a competition yesterday. Yeh man. I am a MACHINE.

So, the two competition stories I did over the last couple of weeks? They earned me two 3rd places. Not too shabby, huh? OK, so they weren’t major, prestigious writing comps, but that’s OK. It’s nice to prove to myself that I can write to a prompt and do alright. Especially when the story I write is away from my WIP. As a novelist, I get worried that I’ll only ever have one story in me. This is it. Once I’ve sent these characters out to play, I’ll be stuck. I’ll never write anything again. Oh woe is me.

So, I encourage you to play with short stories. Find a few competitions (writing.com is great for it … but I’m sure there are others) and challenge yourself.

Even better than placing in competitions is getting feedback – in-depth feedback – from an enthusiastic reader. And I found one today.

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