I feel I have succeeded

Hey yous fellas… and fella-ettes…. is that how it works? I must ponder on that… (perhaps “fellas” is asexual… sure… I’ll take that).

I’ve been quiet.

Basically, I’ve been writing, or working, or mothering, or (heaven forbid) tidying and cleaning… (shudder)

Sometimes I think to myself “My blog is part of my “author platform” (I quote because I totally understand what that means), I should make it interesting so people will want to read my book”…

The thing is, I may be published, but I am an amateur. I have no guru-spec-tac-u-lar to spill over you and imbue you with the magic of “you can do it too” (although, by the way… you can do it too).

I have me. My book exists in digital and paperback formats…

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Work In Progress Challenge

I just got “tagged” by R E Hunter of Writing & Random Thoughts with the Work In Progress Challenge. I’m supposed to answer the following ten questions about my Work In Progress (WIP).

I’m in an interesting situation in that I am in the process of finishing off the WIP I have been working on for the past nearly four years (yes, ouch!) – it has been accepted for publication by Kristell Ink, and is due out early 2013. In the meantime, I will be going on with the next book in the series. In that respect, many of these questions apply to both … So, I’ll answer as appropriate …

Cover by Me – Not the final cover (which will be done by someone with talent in that area)

1. What is the title of your book/WIP?

“Healer’s Touch” (completed). The next book is still in search of a title (although, I’m thinking something along the lines of “Warrior’s … [something]”, with a final part called “Magician’s … [something]” … yeah …)

2. Where did the idea for the WIP come from?
That could be a long story … I didn’t start out with any sort of plan, or idea. I had a couple of characters I wanted to “hook up”. When I started enjoying the writing, I decided to read up on what sort of things a story needed (a goal, an antagonist, stakes, etc) and the rest started to get tacked on until I had something I thought was quite exciting … and then I re-wrote.

I guess the main “idea” in this book is my MC’s power–she transfers life-energy (“ghi”, or “jin”, depending on which culture’s talking about it); so to heal herself or a friend, someone or something has to be injured … or killed. Now, that idea comes from a character I created when I was a teenager (a young male … I was a teenage girl, afterall). Where it came from before then, I don’t know … I was watching a lot of “Gargoyles” at the time …

3. What genre would your WIP fall under?
Fantasy (with a dollop of romance and a little steampunk)

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Well, now …

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