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Warrior’s Touch available for pre-order

That’s right. Just in case you didn’t know already: Warrior’s Touch has been sent to the paperback printers, ready for printing and distribution, and to the e-book suppliers for the same (minus printing). And the Amazons have it available for pre-order! (Clicking that link should take you to the WT page at your preferred Amazon online store).


Feel free to send me links if you find them elsewhere (iBooks?). I have been checking Kobo, but nothing as yet. Nothing on Barnes & Noble, either. Ebooks pre-orders seem to be of debatable value. It’s entirely possible that doing a pre-order period is going to hurt, rather than help, my ranking on Amazon. I guess we shall find out! This is only my second time out of the gates and, as a second book in a series, it feels like different marketing “rules” are in play. And then there’s this tug-of-war: I want to give my loyal readers what they want: THE BOOK! But, I also want to give myself the best chance possible of turning this writing gig into a legitimate career choice, because I really do enjoy it… and I have this new story idea burning at the back of my brain waiting its turn.


Anyway, for those cruising past who haven’t been hanging around Facebook or Twitter, here is a look at the Warrior’s Touch cover:


Warrior's Touch by Deb E Howell ebook cover
Warrior’s Touch front cover


I’ll admit, when I first saw it, I wasn’t immediately sold. But, I rather like that it’s not the standard fantasy dark figure in cloak running/hiding in the shadows. And I feel like the overall yellow tint will help it stand out on a page of other book thumbnails. Each character symbolises their overall journey within the story, without giving too much away, I think. And I’m looking forward to working on a cover for Magician’s Touch!


Here’s the paperback cover!

Warrior's Touch Deb E Howell cover full paperback
Warrior’s Touch Paperback cover


And for those looking for a little extra, here is a wee Easter Egg… I designed/illustrated the tattoo on Jonas:

Jonas from Warrior's Touch front cover showing the full tattoo design
Jonas and his Tattoo


I have previously played around with illustrating what it looks like wrapped around his body (the tail ends somewhere just beneath his left buttock), but my illustration skills as far as drawing (particularly colouring) people are somewhat substandard to my eye, so I won’t pop that here.




… right about now my busy mummy brain is kicking in and I’ve lost my train-of-thought. How to wind-up this post? I have no idea. But I had better get back to my invoicing “day job” before bed time.


So glad to have you on this journey with me.


Looking forward to sharing Warrior’s Touch and spurring myself on to make decent progress on Magician’s Touch in spite of life commitments. In theory, finishing a decent draft by the end of this year is feasible… watch this space, I guess.

Welcome to the Team…

I would like to welcome to the Healer’s Touch team…. dun dun duuuun… Matt Donnici.

Matt is working (like, right now!) feverishly on a cover illustration for Healer’s Touch! How mega exciting is that? Yeah! Mega MEGA exciting! We’ve been discussing concepts and finer details the last couple of days, and Matt has done amazing work shaping his initial sketch into something that looks really promising. Really promising. I’m excited. Can you tell?

Read more…Welcome to the Team…

[Brief] Movie Review.

Being a fan of Justified, I thought I would check out some of Mr. Olyphant’s movies. (I am also a fan of Deadwood, so figured I was in good hands ).

1. Hitman. I don’t recommend it unless you are a socially inept male who spends his life in front of a computer screen make-believing he is the uber buff and cool hero that doesn’t even see the girls that throw themselves at you. Seriously. This movie doesn’t even have a sex scene. It has an almost-sex scene. Which would be fine. In fact, it could have been endearing – if the rest of the movie hadn’t been so full of cheese it was making a mess of the grill & threatening the benchtop. Yep. Mr. O. is nice to look at -even bald – but I doubt I’ll watch this rubbish again.

The chick in the movie did have lovely breasts, tho. And did actually get them out. So, lonely men of all ages, check it out.

You want a movie about a troubled assassin? Watch The Assassin, with Bridget Fonda. Or the original, Nikita. But the remake was fine.

One bonus: Bald head = great for practicing sketching various head angles & expressions, so I grabbed a few screenshots.

2. Catch and Release. I am also a fan of Kevin Smith, even when he talks. He talks in this movie & is just gorgeous. The storyline is a cute romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner. She’s a good-looking young lady, isn’t she?

She plays a young woman dealing with her fiance’s death, & all the drama that goes with that. Finds herself at least a little bit attracted to one of the fiance’s friends, blah-dee blah.  Oh, that makes it sound as though I didn’t like it. I did. It was sweet.

Mr. O. looks far younger than he must have been in 2006 – well done, sir, on such an achievement. Yeah, I could see me, possibly, watching it again in a few years’ time.

But that last line of the movie?

Urgh. It probably wouldn’t suck so bad if I wasn’t such a fan of the movie Singles. Honestly, that line just had me thinking “rip off”, which probably wasn’t fair. But so be it. I did like the movie. I’d probably give it a 3/5.

Haven’t seen Singles? Go on, give it a go. Bridget Fonda is in it, too. And Matt Dillon. And Pearl Jam – with speaking parts!