leafy foreground left
leafy foreground right

A partially complete drawing

Sometimes things just take too darn long to do. Here is my partially completed drawing of Braph:

Close up of antagonist, Braph
Braph Close up

Actually,  it’s only part of the picture. The whole picture shows him crouching in front of a fire. It’s taking me ages to do, but I thought I’d share what I’d been up to recently, anyway. He’s my “bad guy”. Not bad looking, eh? He’s not all bad. I’m kind of coming to like him – as a “villain”, anyway. He’s not exactly a good guy, but he’s not inherently evil, either.

Anyway, by the time I finish the picture, I will have spent many, many hours on it. And it still won’t be perfect. But I won’t know how to fix it without starting all over. And then I think I will draw a picture of Llewella. And then I need to get back to the one of Braph and Llewella. I like the image in my head of that one. Of course, the finished product will never look as good. I wish I could show it to you. One day, when they come up with technology that let’s us project our head-images onto paper, or into a computer. Hmm …

I think I may be awake too late.

Night night.


A starting point…

This is my first drawing on my tablet PC. I think it is an improvement on the original, but I still have work to do.

I did Llew’s eyes a little manga-like before deciding to go a more normal size for Jonas (thanks Ian Somerhalder for being a fab eye/eyebrow-model). I now need to work on Jonas’ -tattoo (it is important to the story) and, of course, his knife- I have less experience drawing inanimate objects, particularly shiny ones…  As for the horses, however… (I spent my entire childhood drawing horses)

J & L

Anyway, I work best with visual cues, so am in the process of setting myself up a highly visual version of my story in LibreOffice. Not that I don’t still love yWriter, but I need stuff just to be there in front of me , so I think a doc making high use of text boxes & pictures will be the ticket for me.

For those wanting the technical details, I drew this in GIMP 2.6 on an Asus Eee slate. The original image was composed in DAZ 3D, just so I could set up the pose for myself (I haven’t done enough people-drawing to be able to draw from my head well).