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Quick update before I return to regular programming…

So, my NZMM turned into a bit of a fail this year… let me share the reasons…

So, my family took a “holiday” at the end of April. We decided to drive from Dunedin to Hastings (New Zealand), because it was half the price of flying and it’s a great way to show the child the country (and see it ourselves!)

First up, we didn’t leave as early as planned due to there having been a crash on the highway we needed to take, and no detours available…

We eventually left and still got held up for an hour. Turned out to be an incredibly tragic murder-suicide… Yep. Even in NZ…

So, about four and a half hours into the journey (and about half an hour from our accommodation for the night… in the heavy, heavy rain and dark) the exhaust (with it’s newly-fitted bullet-muffler) began swinging between the car body and the drive shaft (4WD car, so it has a drive shaft)… Of course, we did not know this at the time. All we knew was that the car had begun making a horrendous noise. The car is 1996, so all sorts of things can start falling off in 2014, right? Yeah…well, considering our history with the car (for instance the engine mounting bolt that fell off just as we pulled up in Nelson – 9 hours north of Dunedin – that one time…) we were freaking out. (I was picturing the drive shaft falling free and firing the car – and all of us – from the road…)

We made it to the camp ground and our cabin in the pouring rain (surface flooding) and… managed. Got some sleep.

Spent the following morning trying to figure out what the problem was… well aware that time was ticking as far as getting to our ferry crossing on time. It was very, very wet.

Then we called Roadside Assistance, drove (carefully) to the guy on duty and got the car up on a hoist to figure out the problem. Problem identified, but not exactly fixable (just manageable), we carried on. 

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Perfection: A step too far?

Purple phone cover
Purty in Purple

So, recently I bought a second-hand phone off a friend after she upgraded. It was pretty cool but, being a pink fan, she had put a pink protective cover on it. I like protective covers, but pink is not my colour. It just didn’t feel right. So, I invested in a purple gel cover (ooooh, a grand $4! Ouch!). Let me tell you… it’s MUCH better. I have even found myself gazing on the beautiful purple-ness of it… yes, it’s true.

Anyway, the purple cover came with a screen protector. In this day and age of Gorilla Glass I don’t tend to worry much about protective screen covers, besides, you usually just end up trapping bubbles under them. Well, I think I saw the screen protector as a challenge, and so I set about putting it on the phone. I managed to do it with just two tiny “bubbles” where pieces of dust had managed to cling to the protector before it settled on the screen. Pretty good. Pretty damn good, in fact. And so the screen protector stayed, even though I’m not totally sold on the effect it has on the view of the screen.

Well, despite this success, I found myself looking at these teeny tiny bubbles one day and, for some bizarre reason, thought maybe I could get rid of them.

Yeah, well…

I managed to introduce a tiny hair from somewhere which created a bigger bubble and another piece of dust settled just below the earpiece, and the corner I lifted won’t quite stick right down again…

… yeah. Think about that next time you’re thinking of just tweaking your manuscript one last time, eh?

New Post Title (Hey, I’m savin’ my creativity for my novel. You got a problem with that, punk?)

Right, I was just noticing that I said I’d keep you informed how I went with that Manuscript Contest I entered (and, I would link to where I said that, and should be able to because I just read it … but I closed the post and I can’t remember which one … Lesson, kids? Erm … write … everything … down? Yeah … yeah … that’ll do). So, I thought I should tell you how I went …

Well …

I didn’t get third.

And, I didn’t get second.

Read more…New Post Title (Hey, I’m savin’ my creativity for my novel. You got a problem with that, punk?)

He knows . . .

I must be letting off a vibe that I’m on a deadline. The toddler has become incredibly difficult to get to bed – day and night sleeps. Until recently, he was the model child when it came to bedtime. Yesterday, we skipped the daytime sleep altogether (!), which meant my writing/editing time down the drain, and it took him an hour to settle at night. I swear . . . he knows.

He’s just doing it to keep me on my toes, eh? I keep making calculations: If I write … words per day, I’ll get there; If I edit … chapters per day, I can make it … It stresses me out, it really does. I knew it was an ambitious goal to get this thing close to finished by the end of this month, anyway. That was with regular, reliable writing times. Now, he eats into that, and then I’m all wound up and stressed for the first 1/2-1hr of the time that I do get … which might only be that long. It’s not easy, I tell you.

Anyway, that’s why I’m quiet everywhere. I’m editing/re-writing (or working/mummying). Mostly, I’m doing it away from the computer, with a print-out. The thoughts feel less jumbled then.

Back to it. Wish me luck.