2013 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,400 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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So, 2014 has arrived. Here in New Zealand, it’s been here awhile (20 hours, now). While I won’t be making resolutions, as such, I will be making plans for the year. They cover several aspects of my life.

As a Writer, I plan to finish, polish and publish

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Six years old… yesterday

Someone's been rolling...
Someone’s been rolling…

I admit, I was in two minds about posting my latest pics of my baby, but, well… there he is in his natural state (o:

He hasn’t been all tarted up for photos. I went out to visit him in the weekend (just under an hour drive, now). I just took the chance to give him a brush down and look at his feet and re-acquaint myself with him. It’s been two months since he moved away. Where I had been keeping him (10mins drive away) wasn’t an option any more, and we still don’t own a property to keep him.

Was wonderful seeing him again. He’s such a lovely boy. Whenever I catch up with him I flap ropes and halters and whatever all around him, and he never reacts. He’s a really calm little man, and I’m so proud of him for that. (That being said, he’s got a little bit to learn when it comes to standing patiently while I work with him…)

So, yesterday (23rd Oct, NZ Time) he turned six. Well past time I started teaching him a few tricks. With a toddler to raise now, too, I haven’t done as much with Chino as I would have liked, but he’s now fully mature and ready to get on with things, so I’m pleased he now lives with people with experience in training minis for carting. So, this summer…. (o:  Good times ahead.

Some time when I go up and the weather is good – and set to be good for some time – we will give him a bath and see what his colours really look like. If you’ve seen my previous posts of him, you will have seen that, as a foal, he was strikingly bay/pinto… actually, more tri-coloured (he’s grey through the chest, bay at the rear). Even through his early years he kept these colours, and if I blanketed him over winter, he would be bold, too… Hard to know if he is roaning out or just dirty, now (o: So, bath time soon. There will be photos!

Really looking forward to having fun with my wee man (and my other one – the toddler – can come too).

Nothing much more to report. I shall keep you posted on progress, though!

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Anika Moa: My Old Man

The ultimate daughter-father change-of-heart song… I think Llew might have sung a song like this… if she was the singing type.

Fun fact: when I had the time to include learning the bass in my day/week, this song was in my list. Fairly simple, but with a few nice runs. My dad was teaching me. Might get back into it one day…

Music: New Zealand Music Month – Krackatoa: Corporate Conga Line

So… I missed my NZMM post for yesterday… and nearly today, too. Most of the songs I have noted as potential posts are oldies, and I’m well aware that I ought to be trying to push newer work.

So, when I gained a new Twitter follower tonight who just happened to be a NZ musician, well… You can guess my thinking process… Let’s push ’em!

Krackatoa describes himself as: “psychedelic electronica to symphonic melody composer from New Zealand releasing music suited to film”, and since I would one day love to see my book made into a movie (who wouldn’t love to see their head-movies become reality?), I’m more than keen to do my bit to encourage the local film industry (and related artists)…

So, here’s a neat tune I found…

Author Interview: Yep, me again…

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is talk about me, me, me… Perhaps I do. But then, that’s one reason I love doing things like celebrating NZ Music Month – it’s a chance to celebrate other artists! (Wow, I’m starting to include myself in the rank of artists… It still feels weird, but I suppose… sort of… ).

Anywhay, this was the first Question-Reply-Next Question-Reply… style interview I’ve done. It was fun and gave Ana, the interviewer, the chance to react to my answers. I think she did a great job. I’m her first interviewee, and she’s looking out for MORE! So go check her (and me) out HERE!


I’m working on a new drawing:

  1. So I can call myself an artist, and
  2. To give myself the chance to zone out now and then – drawing is a whole different art to writing.

And buy my book.


Music: New Zealand Music Month – Oh My…

So, I have this song in my writing playlist because to me it’s dead sexy:

Then today, on a Homegrown (New Zealand) feature on the music TV channel I saw this:

And I thought “Wow, that’s interesting… and the guy in the video is a wee bit yum…”

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Music: New Zealand Music Month – Jordan Reyne: Don’t Look Down

I love Jordan Reyne. Sure, not all of her songs fully grab me but she’s lovely. When I made a fanvid for a TV show to one of her songs, I let her know and said I’d take it down if she wasn’t happy… she said she liked it and invited me to use her songs again… That’s an artist who understands art…

Music: New Zealand Music Month – Anika Moa: Running Through The Fire

Hey guys… it’s that time of year again… New Zealand Music Month!

You see, New Zealand is such a tiny country (honest… we are) that it is easy to get swamped by the cultures of much bigger markets, and so we dedicate a whole month to increasing the chances of local artists actually being played on our radios! Believe me, before NZ Music Month existed, it was a rare thing.

Tonight I am posting a song very dear to me. I love Anika Moa. I think she’s gorgeous, talented and just writes some of the most gorgeous songs. So that’s one point. Then there is the fact that several of Anika’s songs resonate with me enough to wind up on my writing playlist.

In Healer’s Touch, some may agree that Llew’s attempt to rescue her father from the clutches of Braph is the most poignant part of the book. After years of believing her father had abandoned her

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Grief … Like a rollercoaster hiding in your closet

Today is … today.

A trip to a farm. “I’m in the back of a ute! I’m a REAL dog, ma!”

It’s the first of October here in New Zealand. This morning, when I realised the date, I also recalled, of course, what tomorrow is … October 2nd. Which was, and always will be, my first dog Griffin’s birthday.

And I realised something … I miss him, deeply.

Griffin came into my life when I was a 17 year old school girl, potentially on the cusp of making stupid decisions. But I didn’t need to. I had Griffin. I loved him and he loved me, and we did everything together. I still fancied boys, but I didn’t need a boy. I had Griffin.

Every year, we gave Griffin a present under the Christmas tree. It didn’t need to be food, yet he could always pick it out. And as long as the paper wasn’t that shiny stuff, he could open it himself, too. But he would always carry it to my mum to get the OK, first.

My Pop (mum’s dad) was diagnosed with cancer soon after I got Griffin, and a year later passed. I will always remember Griffin running happily into Pop’s house, which we were staying in to attend his funeral, and running around looking for him … he was very disappointed Pop wasn’t there.

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[Music] Jamie McDell – Rewind

This is a post for those of you not regularly exposed to Kiwi music … Keep an eye out for this girl.  If her career doesn’t take off I do believe it will be a matter of poor luck and/or timing, rather than a lack of talent. I think she’s got it.

No, it’s not book-related … Well, actually, with just a smidgeon of imagination manipulation … yes, yes, it could work. OK … this is Llew singing about Kynas … (o: Woot! (Not that book-related posts are the be all and end all, but it is nice …)

Right, I’m off researching book trailers, while I also hurriedly get my Countdown entries for September down from 31 to 10 … and then arrange those 10 in order of appeal … I’ve been listening to them nearly all month, and I’ve got from 57 down to 31 … argh! How do I get that down to 10? By being absolutely brutal, that’s how …