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A Man, A Woman, and A Clown

For no real reason, I’m going to share the results of another writing exercise I did a while back. The prompt was the same as the title of this post, and we had fifteen minutes to write.

Feel free to have a go yourself before reading on and seeing what I did with it.

I think that’s the fun thing about doing writing exercises based on basic writing prompts: seeing what different people turn that prompt into. And, if you could wipe your memory (or exercise great restraint and avoid copying yourself), how different would your little story be if you did the exercise again next week? Month? Year? Decade?

From a basic prompt, what comes about can be influenced not only by your overall life experiences, but also where your head is at in that very moment. What TV show did you watch that might inspire you? What book have you been reading? What were you discussing with workmates over lunch? All these seemingly incidental things can influence your creative output, especially when it is “just” an exercise and isn’t constrained by story rules established for a longer piece.

So… fifteen minutes. A Man, A Woman, and A Clown… what did you come up with?

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Raine Maida: The Sexiest Man In Rock Music?

Quite possible. All depends on taste, I suppose. (See, I covered my butt … it’s OK if he doesn’t do it for you).

I make it no secret that I am a big fan of Our Lady Peace. And, I am so glad they’ve really found their stride again with their latest album, “Curve”. So, here is the latest single from said album:

And Jeremy Taggart (drummer – @Taggart7) is worth a follow on Twitter. He’s funny, insightful … a fan of golf, but no one’s perfect.