Author Interview: Yep, me again…

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is talk about me, me, me… Perhaps I do. But then, that’s one reason I love doing things like celebrating NZ Music Month – it’s a chance to celebrate other artists! (Wow, I’m starting to include myself in the rank of artists… It still feels weird, but I suppose… sort of… ).

Anywhay, this was the first Question-Reply-Next Question-Reply… style interview I’ve done. It was fun and gave Ana, the interviewer, the chance to react to my answers. I think she did a great job. I’m her first interviewee, and she’s looking out for MORE! So go check her (and me) out HERE!


I’m working on a new drawing:

  1. So I can call myself an artist, and
  2. To give myself the chance to zone out now and then – drawing is a whole different art to writing.

And buy my book.


Music: New Zealand Music Month – Anika Moa: Running Through The Fire

Hey guys… it’s that time of year again… New Zealand Music Month!

You see, New Zealand is such a tiny country (honest… we are) that it is easy to get swamped by the cultures of much bigger markets, and so we dedicate a whole month to increasing the chances of local artists actually being played on our radios! Believe me, before NZ Music Month existed, it was a rare thing.

Tonight I am posting a song very dear to me. I love Anika Moa. I think she’s gorgeous, talented and just writes some of the most gorgeous songs. So that’s one point. Then there is the fact that several of Anika’s songs resonate with me enough to wind up on my writing playlist.

In Healer’s Touch, some may agree that Llew’s attempt to rescue her father from the clutches of Braph is the most poignant part of the book. After years of believing her father had abandoned her

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Goodreads Giveaway

So, as a sort of Celebration of the release of Healer’s Touch, my publisher, Kristell Ink, is letting me GIVE AWAY five (yep, 5!) copies of the paperback edition to Goodreads members. And, because I can, I’m going to sign them…

The giveaway will begin Wednesday 13th February and will run for 10 days, closing Friday 22nd. So, if you haven’t rushed out and bought a copy yet (and why not?!), or you just really, really want a signed copy (I’m sure you can find someone to pass your other one on to), then head on over to:


And sign up!

Winners are not obliged to, but are encouraged to leave a review (especially if they enjoy it!).

Six Sentence Sunday – What Did You Think? #SixSunday

Hey all! Giving Six Sentence Sunday another blast.

With Healer’s Touch on its way, I’m actually going to share six sentences from that… yay!

Here’s a brief explanation …

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Six Sentence Sunday – Trouble Brewing #SixSunday

Hey all! Giving Six Sentence Sunday another blast.

Again, I’d like to share some lines from my Work In Progress (1st draft), the tentatively titled Book 2 of the “Touch” series: Warrior’s Touch.

I’m trying to share tantilising text without giving too much away (especially with reference to the soon-to-be-released Healer’s Touch). Hopefully this doesn’t give too much away…

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Merry Christmas – ARC’s coming soon

…And Kristell Ink are looking for readers. Obviously, there can only be so many free copies given away, and it may be more than a matter of “first in”…

Anyway, this is from Kristell Ink:

Soooo … we’re after some reviewers for our January release. Do you have time to read a fantastic fantasy book for us? We’ll supply the ARC if you supply the review.
send me an email – and I’ll get the copy to you asap.

Where are things at right now? Well, the cover illustration is complete, and I think we’ve picked the font for the title/author text. Now it’s just a matter of a little styling.


Welcome to the Team…

I would like to welcome to the Healer’s Touch team…. dun dun duuuun… Matt Donnici.

Matt is working (like, right now!) feverishly on a cover illustration for Healer’s Touch! How mega exciting is that? Yeah! Mega MEGA exciting! We’ve been discussing concepts and finer details the last couple of days, and Matt has done amazing work shaping his initial sketch into something that looks really promising. Really promising. I’m excited. Can you tell?

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Six Sentence Sunday – Facing Death #SixSunday

Hey all! Giving Six Sentence Sunday another blast.

Anyway, with Healer’s Touch due to be released early next year, I thought I might work on garnering some interest.

A brief background: Llew’s friend’s employer was found dead, but when the law (Farries) captured him, he pointed the finger at Llew, sending them both to the hangman’s noose.

If you trusted them, if you let your heart rest with them, they left,

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Six Sentence Sunday – The Lady #SixSunday

Hey all! Giving Six Sentence Sunday another blast.

Anyway, with Healer’s Touch due to be released early next year, I thought I might work on garnering some interest.

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