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Heh …

So, I’ve been editing up a storm. The Weekend went really well. I made edits on a hard-copy print out, so then I had to type them up. Great – actually, it was quite good – I got to revise the edits (some I ended up ignoring, and some I re-edited).

Now I am up to the chapters that I know need some serious editing . . . or, rather, re-writing. I need to double-check character motivations and reactions, and then there are those two coincidences in one chapter to tackle. Well, as of tonight, I have a plan for one of them.  And, I do have a plan for the rest of it . . .

So, why is the actual re-writing so hard? Maybe I’m scared that the re-writes will need more re-writes . . . Hmm . . . Well, I guess I won’t know until I do them. And time is running out!

I think part of it is finding the “perfect” (or, at least, “perfect enough”) environment to write in. Fact is, I got me and the toddler out of the house fairly early this morning. We went for a drive to drop off some work documents; then we hung out at the dog park for an hour, throwing the ball for the dog and walking the paths; and then it was the supermarket . . . We got home right on lunch time, so it was lunch, nappy, and get the kid off to bed. He went down pretty easily because he was tired. But, guess what? So was I . . . Writing didn’t come so easy under the circumstances. Luckily I had edits, and a new (handwritten) scene to type up, so I got something done.

And, of course, I’m trying to do my voting for The Countdown, which means listening to music that I need to pay a little attention to while I write. Hmm. Not the “perfect” environment.

Well, I think I shall head to bed. I’m reading a friend’s story (which can be found here – NB: it’s really rather good … starts off a bit romancy for my taste, but it really picks up the pace – and she’s still working on it, so it will no doubt be awesome by the time she finishes it) and it keeps keeping me up late. So, I really ought to get to bed a little earlier!

Wish me luck with my re-writes. I just have to commit. Put them in written words. Get them out of my head. Yes. Must. Tomorrow . . . By the end of the weekend . . .

P.S. Seriously considering taking up that “get up before the rest of the household wakes” writing timetable … considering.