Deb E. Howell

Romantic Fantasy Author

Deb E. Howell is best known for the romantic gaslamp Fantasy Deadly Touch series, beginning in Healer’s Touch, continuing in Warrior’s Touch, and concluding in Magician’s Touch (still in production).

Deb has also written a few quirky short stories in a range of genres.

In The Source and The Guardian (stories featured in the Beyond The City Limits anthology edited by Kura Carpenter), Deb has been exploring her next story world.

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Deadly Touch Series

Book cover for Warrior's Touch by Deb E. Howell. Illustrated cover. Dominant colours are yellow, gold, pink. We find ourselves looking up at two riders on a horse. The woman looks down at us with disdain. She sits behind a man wearing a cowboy-style hat and holding a knife.. He's scowling. They're both ready to take on the world. Or hide from it.

Anthology Appearances

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