Beyond The City Limits

Fantasy and Science Fiction Anthology

Book Cover: Beyond The City Limits
Part of the Anthology Contributions series:
  • Beyond The City Limits

Can you fall in love with a ghost? What happens when you sing for fairies? Go shopping for aliens? Rescue your lover from drowning?

Romance, mystery and murder – there’s something for all in Beyond the City Limits Anthology.

  • A cocky shape-shifter’s luck is about to run out when he messes with an over-protective father in The Guardian.
  • Halloween hi-jinks get out of hand for a group of students in Dickie Birds.
  • A thief’s mission to prove he’s the best sets him on a quest for the ultimate prize in Heart’s Desire.
  • An academic learns nothing good comes from trying to save the world in Pink Unicorns Solvable in 0(2) Time

12 Fantasy and Science-fiction short stories from Dunedin authors, Lara M Hewn, Kura Carpenter, Deb E. Howell, Daniel Stride, Justin Elliott, R. L. Stedman, and L. Wilma McKay.

Publisher: Wicked Unicorn Press
Cover Artists:

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