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I thought I should pop something here because it has been a while, and I suppose it might look as if I’ve given up. I haven’t.

I’m a slow writer, anyway, and then we add in the distractions of house and home and all that goes with being a working mother with a small farm, add in (waves at everything) all this and, well…

Actually, I’m not always a slow writer. It comes and goes. I’m certainly faster when I have external input. Someone who’s reading and generally enjoying, but can maybe pull me up when I’m going off track and, you know… keep me on track. Way back in the early days, it was quite easy to find those people. I’d put a chapter up and see people reading in my stats and be motivated to get the next chapter up, and so I did. And then I apologised to those early readers when I needed to go back and fix things, but they seemed to forgive me, which was lovely.

The writing and publishing landscape has changed.

I first got into writing when self-publishing was really taking off. It was on the cusp of being a truly legitimate path for writers, if they had the time and money to do it well. When I started, I had the time, but I didn’t have the money for the editor and cover designer, etc. So, I found a small publisher, who were great. Unfortunately, something happened along the way which meant that despite the first draft of Warrior’s Touch being completed in 2014, it wasn’t until 2018 that it went live. And, in the meantime, I had lost touch with my readers and, well… that’s how second books flop.

And I lost motivation to really push forward on Magician’s Touch. I’ve never given up on it, I’ve kept pottering and driving myself forward and finding the occasional reader when I can. But I’ve lost touch with those readers who loved Healer’s Touch and who are eager to read a work-in-progress (there are a few keen for the final product, but pretty much none available to ride with me on the journey). And I get it. Life feels so fast these days. No one has time. And so, I share Villainy’s view, and just keep plugging away in my little corner.

So, yes, as I’ve been saying for… eight years, now… Magician’s Touch will exist. In fact, I’m likely to start sharing the early chapters on Campfire Explore in the coming months, see if I can find a cheerleader or two.

Besides, I’m really keen to start working on the Guardians and Guides series, so I have to complete the Deadly Touch series…

2 thoughts on “Slow Going…”

  1. I bought Healer’s Touch ages ago and put it in my queque. It eventually bubbled to the surface and I really enjoyed it. Was delighted to see that Warrior’s Touch was available and have just finished it. I am disappointed that Magician’s Touch isn’t finished. I’m in my upper 70’s, so get a move on! Want to find out what happens to them all.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to say so, Helen. Comments like this do help me be able to ask those around me for more time. When it’s just me doing it for me, there’s less incentive to write instead of other things. But when I know I’ve got people keen, then I know I have to knuckle down. Will do so … although, my kids are still young, and I still need to the day job to pay the bills, and I’m still the only female in a 4-person household, so it will remain a delicate balancing act, and sometimes a battle. But I will persist. I ask that you do too, for a little while yet!


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