Healer's Touch: 1: The Dead Man

Llew didn’t break stride as she kicked the empty glass bottle aside, barely giving it a thought. Litter was the least of the hazards in Cheer’s streets at night. She walked with her head down, hands thrust deep in the pockets of her coarse brown trousers, blending in with the evening’s wildlife. With hair in … Read more

Slow Going…

Hi. I thought I should pop something here because it has been a while, and I suppose it might look as if I’ve given up. I haven’t. I’m a slow writer, anyway, and then we add in the distractions of house and home and all that goes with being a working mother with a small … Read more

A Peek Inside

Some writers sit down with a story idea and work a large chunk of the larger “details” out before diving into the more nitty gritty. One of those large details is Naming things and people. Some people go “This character is going to represent this feeling/thing/theme and so I will call them…” and other writers … Read more

Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2020

Advertisement image for the Beyond the City Limits Anthology. IMages of book cover and cover on an ereader on a cloudy night background with text that says Anything can happen

Hey team (o: You can HELP! Some of my local writerly friends and I worked hard over the last year to put this book together and it would be awesome to be in with a chance for recognition for our writing. Having been published in 2019, our anthology is eligible to be nominated for Best … Read more