Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2020

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Hey team (o:

You can HELP!

Some of my local writerly friends and I worked hard over the last year to put this book together and it would be awesome to be in with a chance for recognition for our writing.

Having been published in 2019, our anthology is eligible to be nominated for Best Collected Work in the 2020 Sir Julius Vogel Awards, as are my very own two stories that were written for and published in the anthology (along with many even more worthy stories, but, come on, you’re here for me, right? 😜).

Nominations close at 11.59pm on 31st March 2020 (NZT), but don’t let that allow you to drag your feet. Get on it, so you don’t forget! Being a Science Fiction & Fantasy Association of New Zealand member is not essential. Just get in there and make a little bit of noise (just a little, we scare easily).

Note that my works that would be eligible for nomination are Short Stories called:

Photo credit: Kura Carpenter

The Source, and

Photo credit: Kura Carpenter

The Guardian, which form part of the eligible Collected Work Beyond the City Limits (edited by Kura Carpenter).

Nomination form is HERE.

The full list of eligible works (including links to read/buy) is being collected HERE.

Hop to it, and I’ll keep chipping away at Magician’s Touch over here…

(900+ words written yesterday, but then I deleted 400+ no-longer-relevant words… Still, progress!)

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