Deb E. Howell

Deb E could never write a *short* story for English class assignments. She took up writing stories as a hobby in high school, often sharing these with her friends at lunch time, but pushed fiction to the side for the sake of a few serious years of science writing for under- and post-graduate study in Zoology. Then it was time to adult and get paying work. Eventually, she landed a job that didn’t occupy her mind fully enough, and soon pen joined paper and a fantasy novel had begun which, after several false starts and some shaping and moulding, turned into Healer’s Touch.

Deb lives near Dunedin, New Zealand with her family and a menagerie of pets.

Photo of Deb E Howell

A few interviews from over the years:

Some “Chocolate Box” art by teen Deb E:

tiger in pen and ink stippling style
canary in pencil on paper drawn from life