Author Interview: Chris Stocking

Fellow author and blogger, Christopher Stocking’s first purely YA novella, “His Only Star”, was released this week. I’ve been a follower and friend of Chris for some time now. He’s a good keen storyteller, and I really look forward to seeing his writing career take off, as I’m sure it will in the not too distant future.

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Six Sentence Sunday – What Did You Think? #SixSunday

Hey all! Giving Six Sentence Sunday another blast.

With Healer’s Touch on its way, I’m actually going to share six sentences from that… yay!

Here’s a brief explanation …

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Merry Christmas – ARC’s coming soon

…And Kristell Ink are looking for readers. Obviously, there can only be so many free copies given away, and it may be more than a matter of “first in”…

Anyway, this is from Kristell Ink:

Soooo … we’re after some reviewers for our January release. Do you have time to read a fantastic fantasy book for us? We’ll supply the ARC if you supply the review.
send me an email – and I’ll get the copy to you asap.

Where are things at right now? Well, the cover illustration is complete, and I think we’ve picked the font for the title/author text. Now it’s just a matter of a little styling.


A Night to Remember: Part Six (by Simon Petrie)


A Night to Remember: Part Six (by Simon Petrie)

Part One of this story can be found here. Part Two is here. Part Three is here. Part Four is here. Part Five is here. An updated list of extant parts can be found here.

– – –

The one positive aspect, Gordon decided, was that Claudia Iyzowt was still alive. Albeit for a given value of ‘alive’ that involved the short, grey-haired heiress’s apparent sedation and confinement, by the medium of a set of depressingly secure-looking straps, to a disconcertingly medical-looking and unnervingly technological trolley with an unnecessarily extensive collection of blade- and sensor-wielding robotic limbs poised thirty centimetres or so above Claudia’s.

The negative aspects

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I just feel like sharing …

This is a scene I wrote ages ago in an older version of the story, and I have just managed to reinstate it. It happens before either Jonas or Llew are aware of each others’ abilities, not that Llew’s is relevant here. For those who don’t know, Jonas is of a race called Syakara (sing. Syakaran) who are known for their superior strength and speed in the world of my story. It’s sort of a nothing scene, but, I think that’s why is works out of context:

“Now I need bait.” Hook in hand and the river nearby, Llew was tasked with catching dinner.

She flicked the grass with her fingers to see if she could stir anything to life.

“Like what?” Jonas asked, crouching beside her. Alvaro followed him down.

“Like—” Llew said, looking about. “That.” She pointed at finely flickering grass blades where she had just caught a glimpse of a cricket going into hiding.

Jonas squinted to see what she was pointing at, and then it leaped from its cover, disappearing into another clump of the yellow native grass. The grass shuddered and Jonas flung out his hand, catching the insect mid-flight.

“Like—” He opened his fist flat, clutching the creature’s powerful hind legs between two fingers. “This?”

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2,500 words enough?

Of course not. Only a complete manuscript will do, but it might be a bit much to ask in one day.  Well, I had more fun writing tonight’s words than I have for a little while. I got to play with my characters a bit, all while getting information across and setting them up for the next phase of the plot. Now, that’s what I call progress.

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